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I Heart You

I had a sweet day!

Mommy held our traditional valentine treasure hunt and I collected some great loot. Opened more cards and candy and gifts and got

lots of love!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Just Because

This past weekend was a long one so we went to Hingham.
No reason really, Just because.

Just because it’s fun to practice my gymnastics at a big gym. See my airplane on the balance beam Coach Marvin taught me ?


Just because it’s fun to take a bath with my buddy Cooper

Just because it’s fun to play in the dirt with my trucks and


play at Central Playground with Pop Pop.

Just because it’s fun to learn some new games

and eat tons of ice cream with chocolate syrup and jimmies.


Just because it’s fun to go to the farm and drive the tractor

and bring one home from the toy store too.

Just because if it’s a snow day we build a snowman,

eat snow, and go sledding


I’m glad we went to Hingham for the weekend.

Just because.

Sweet Week

I’m rolling right into Valentine’s Day week! I can’t wait!

I already got a head start. Auntie Hay came over on Saturday and we made cupcakes. Did I mention that she gave me a giant Valentine bag filled with all sorts of goodies and these cool glasses?


Look at these cupcakes! Each one is a work of art. Can you spell

Excuse me, if you don’t mind,

I think I’ll dig right in!  ♥ ♥ ♥

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Sometimes I feel like this winter is never going to end.


And it’s only February.

But I’ve had some fun things keeping me busy like …

Cooking buffalo wings for the Super Bowl.

Painting a lot of masterpieces.

Making  merry music and


Having parties with all of my friends.

Come to think of it…

Winter isn’t so bad after all.

Gym Class Hero

Yesterday I headed off to my first gymnastics class.

I was so excited since I’ve heard all about when Mommy took gymnastics (and her teacher was actually in the Olympics!).

Take a peek at my cool gym.

Coach Marvin didn’t waste any time. He had me right up there doing complicated tricks on the bar.

And then this!! Whoa!

There was one little blip in the name of a gigantic beach ball. I thought it was coming after me and scared me to death. My friends were so sweet and concerned about me.


It was a lot of fun and I’m already working on my routine for my next class.

The 2037 Olympics will be here before you know it.

On the Mend

Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. Been under the weather.
Something like bronchitis the doctor said.

I haven’t been feeling like my (sweet) self…

But a few days ago I finally got the spring back in my step.

I went out to eat.

I played with my trucks and

my friends.

Being sick is no fun.

I like my healthy self much better.

Sick Boy

I’m right in style.

The flu is going around and everyone is sick.

Including me.

  Oh no.

I checked my forehead and yep, I had a fever.

Thankfully the doctor said it’s not the flu.

More like a virus – cold where I have to blow my nose. A lot.

And I sleep and sleep and sleep. A nice perk is that I get to nap in the big bed (aka Mommy and Daddy’s).

I’m pretty good at gaming the system.

Lots of experience you know 😉

Happy Days

This was a rather momentous weekend.

Auntie Hay took me to my swimming lesson.

which made it so much fun.

  Auntie and me

I started potty training with my very own potty that looks just like the real deal.


And the Patriots made it to the Super Bowl. It was not an easy road though.

First they were losing so badly I thought I would lose my mind.

But then my guy TB12 , the GOAT, came through and…

Touchdown!! We scored for the win!

I hope my Patriots jersey still fits for the big game!! Go Pats!