So Long Hingham

Have to say I had lots of fun on my first trip to Hingham. Things went just as I’d hoped – lots of walking, holding, singing and yep, some shopping. I loved the cool breezes outside tickling my face. I wish I could have slept more during the night for Mommy but some things you just can’t control.

IMG_0944  FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender-4IMG_0836

My only complaint is that it did get a little claustro with
the three of them watching my every move. You’d think
they’d never seen a baby having a bottle before. Jeez.


I will miss Grammy and Pops (The Brown Thing too) and can’t wait
to come back. It was a great run.

I’m wondering how bad the traffic will be driving home today. I think I know. That’s ok, I’ll have Mommy in the back seat with me and we’ll stop for lots of meals and snacks along the way. Happy Labor Day!


Focus Group

Daddy gave me a bath today (I was getting a little stinky), and
then decked me out in some clean clothes. Want to know what cracks me up? Look at the expression on Daddy’s face. He takes
his job very seriously. Changing me is not brain surgery but
Daddy is concentrating so hard it might as well be.  Ok, I fess up.
I am a very big job. All day and all night long.


Next up was tummy time. I’m getting so strong! Mommy
and Grammy went shopping (finally) while Pops watched
me like a hawk (hey, brownie points for the bird reference).


And yep, The Brown Thing is still on me. She’s starting to piss me
off (excuse my French), because Daddy is taking pictures of her
and not me. Really, the nerve.


And here is my beautiful Mommy. They say a little guy’s first love is his Mommy. In my case, it’s easy to see why.


Anger Management

So today. vacation day two, was supposed to be a fun relaxing day. Shopping for some new snappy clothes and all. But nooo, Mommy and Grammy had to do a photo shoot of me.  All. Day. Long.


I know I’m pretty cute and all, but jeez, how many pictures can one person take (do you hear me iphone). I hope they got some good ones so we don’t have to do this every day like Mommy does at home.

And you know what else was bugging me? The Brown Thing was checking up on me again everywhere I went. But shhhh, I think it’s kinda cute now and we’re gonna be best buds one day.

IMG_0889 IMG_0864 IMG_0900

Oh and guess what?! Daddy got to Hingham today so it was a very good day after all. Yes!


Just missing Aunt Hayley who always brings the party. Feel better soon Auntie!


Sibling Rivalry

Hey guys. You’ve probably been on pins and needles wondering how my trip to Hingham is going. Well, it’s going great. One big surprise is that my Pops is really really crazy about me so it’s looking good for some shiny wheels for my 16th.


One thing that’s kinda creepy is that there is this big brown
fuzzy thing that is constantly watching me. What the heck?!
No matter where I go, this thing is staring me down. I kinda get
a kick out of it though cause I sense a little jealousy there. Hehe.
Like it’s waiting to see if I get its spot sleeping in the big bed.


Today Mommy and I settled in. We had to walk the brown fuzzy thing, and then we went to the Yacht Club (well, la-di-da) for lunch. I sure am glad I wore my new yachting attire so I’d fit right in and yep, I did no prob. Tomorrow is retail therapy. Should be a good day!


My First Trip

Hey, pretty busy guy here. I’m taking my first trip tomorrow and you know how stressful packing is. Trying to keep it cool.


Luckily Mommy has it all under control (she says). The good thing is that we’re going to Hingham to see Grammy and Pops and aren’t they supposed to spoil me rotten?  I’m ready for it. Maybe I’ll even add to my wardrobe collection.

I’m excited because I’m getting my first taste of Mommy’s favorite Brigham’s ice cream, through my own direct line of course.
I’ll have to remember to give Grammy the heads-up on Pinterest so she can drive herself crazy next year making me a banana-raisin-grape caterpillar or something.


Stay tuned for my travel adventures. I’m sure the 4+ hour car ride will be lots of fun for all (wink wink). Just wondering if I should wear this outfit for the ride. Seems appropriate, but then that’s just one more stressful traveling decision…see what I mean?

Hey Dude

I’m looking pretty sharp these days with all my new duds. You see, Mommy had these clothes all along but because I was so small, I couldn’t fit into any of them, only white t-shirts. I was like, “Oh man, when am I going to get to wear any of my gifts?”


When I saw this album cover on Grammy’s iPhone,  I said, “oh no, that’s me!”


I didn’t understand why I was mostly wearing my Plain White Ts and so I started eating and eating and eating to see if that would change anything. And guess what? It worked! Now that I’ve gained weight and gotten bigger, I get to wear all my cool stuff and there’s no stopping me now!


Wonder if I’ll get voted Best Dressed or Best Looking?IMG_0772

Just Thinking…

Lemme think. I weighed 5 pounds, 3 ounces the day I was born.  Tuesday, on my five-week-old birthday, I weighed 7 pounds, 5 ounces. That’s a 2.2 pound gain which averages out to 6.8 ounces per week, which, by my calculation  means I am becoming a big little boy!



At The Movies

Did you ever seen that movie Honey I Shrunk the Kids? It’s the one where everything is gigantic cause the kids are so little. That’s how I felt  yesterday when Mommy stuck me under this big contraption which I guess is supposed to be fun (probably educational too, yuck).
I mean, what is this thing anyway?


I can’t wait to watch movies with Mommy like Pinocchio and Mary Poppins. Not watching any with Daddy tho, no way! I’m just a little guy but even I know that  scary movies (like The Birds and Arachnophobia for example) are all about Daddy’s favorite things.


Just So You Know

I’m not a boring guy.  Oh, you may think I’m just some dull baby who sleeps all day long (not night tho, no siree) but nope, there are a few different sides of me.

There’s my hipster Brooklyn side…


And then there’s my preppy Nantucket side…

IMG_0743IMG_0742 Which side do you like?