My good buddy Axel stopped by and surprised me yesterday on his way to Montauk. Now that’s a true friend, going out of his way like that in NYC with all the #@*& traffic and congestion. For some background deets, my mommy and his were bffs at college and believe it or not, we were due on the exact same day, August 8.  What are the odds of that? But, I got restless and kicked my way out eight days early so even though it’s inevitable that he’s going to be bigger and taller than me (he’s got the genes, trust me) I will always be the ‘big’ bro. You hear me, Axel?!

Here are the two of us together. Lots of drinking (milk) games ahead like Mommy and Suz. Thanks for the fun visit, Axel!

IMG_1085 IMG_1086


The Babysitter’s Club

Mommy said, ” We’re going out to dinner tonight with Amanda
and Mike.” Yippee, I get to see Amelia! I started debating the merits of red versus blue stripes to impress on my big night out until I realized that ‘we’ didn’t mean me. I was so sad until I found out that I was going to spend my first night with a babysitter!! And go to a hotel! Maybe sneak home some soaps for my bath, oops, scratch that, not allowed since they’re not organic.

IMG_1021 wait, I’m not coming?!

I didn’t know what I would do without Mommy and Daddy and planned to cry all night long in protest. But you know what? It was fun being with a babysitter. And…the babysitter was Grammy! We  were very busy all night and I loved looking at all of the city lights. Grammy thought I didn’t know but she kept checking me to make sure I was still breathing on my first big night out. I mean really.

.   IMG_1023

So Mommy and Daddy aren’t so cool  because I had my first night out alone too. Another milestone passed and ahhh… now it’s sweet dreams for me (until my midnight snack of course)!


A You’re Adorable

Grammy’s back in town! That means singing. She sings these
old-fashioned oldie-but-goodies and I try to be polite and act
like I like them but  I’m way cooler than these tunes. But the
really awesome thing is that the songs Grammy sings to me
are the same  ones that my Great Gran sang to Mommy when
she (Mommy) was my age. Yup, it’s a family tradition.


Now it’s going to be much more (hah, love saying that!) fun while Mommy is packing up my bibs and books.


Weekend Warrior

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I sure did, got to model
my fancy new onesies. Looking pretty cute, huh? I wish I would
stop scratching my face (see exhibit A below) though, a hunky
guy like me can’t afford not to be perfect.


Here’s looking at you, kid!


Woo hoo!

Guess what?! Mommy got the mail today and I hit pay dirt!
Thanks to the BestAuntieInTheWorldHayley, I’m gonna really
be stylin’. Not only do I get a stripes reprieve, but how cute will I
be in these cool, happy outfits. So much snazz! Hay even got one with whales for Science Museum memories with Daddy.


Whew, I finally get a break from all these stripes
but only problem now is the big decision on which one
to wear first. Thanks, Aunt Hayley, I love you!


Moving Out

You know how there’s nothing worse than seeing your
Mommy cry.  Well, I’m getting ready for that because
next week we’re moving across town from our nyc besties.
Yeah yeah I know absence makes the heart grow fonder,
and we’ll still see each other a ton, but there’s nothing like being
down the block for party time and bitch sessions. Don’t worry
tho, this stud is hanging tough, can’t let Amelia see that I might
get a little teary-eyed too.


Are we cute or what.

Stripes Redux

Ok, ever since I mentioned that I got some new threads on vacation,
I’ve gotten some (snarky) comments asking if I got more stripes.
Um, I’d guess you’d say that yes, my new clothes do have a stripe
or two.


Looks like I’m doomed. Guess I better enjoy these trucks while I can.





Picture Perfect

That picture on my Flarma blog was really starting to bug me.  I looked like a baby up there for crying out loud (and I know all about that thank you very much). So I decided to update it to reflect my more mature self. Maybe it’s bad for my branding but who cares. Gotta go with my latest selfie and hope my fan club (aka Mommy) is cool with it.

Happy Monday everyone. For myself, I’m ready for Friday.