Boy Wonder

I’m a curious, smart little guy…


IMG_1483   studying the law of gravity

IMG_1451  and diagramming sentences

IMG_1449 are fun things I like to do.

I’m tackling logarithms next. Tummy time first tho, then my bath
and dinner. The order of operations isn’t just for math you know.

Got Milk?

This week I had a check-up, you know to see how I’m progressing and all that. Well, guess what, I got the news everyone wants to hear!


The doctor said I need to put on a few pounds and so I get to have another bottle each day. Woo hoo!


Can you spell E-N-V-Y?!!!

Homeward Bound

Been loving all this play time in Hingham but time to head back home. Not gonna lie, I’m gonna miss this place.


I cooked up a few diversionary tactics to delay my stay, like falling asleep, but they didn’t work for long.


So, off we went. Man, that traffic was so bad I just shut my eyes to block it out. I might have said a few #*@* words too that Mommy didn’t like.


But now… I have to be good now cause Aunt Pammy gave me an Elf on the Shelf! Yikes, is he going to be watching me as much as the brown dog?!


Can’t a man get any alone time these days? Santa, bring me a man (cave) crib, please!

The Day After

They ran me ragged all week. Grammy and Pops got me this fun new jumpy thing and I acted surprised even though I already knew I liked it cause I got to try it at Amelia’s last week.

IMG_1177 IMG_1180 IMG_1175  Whoa, balance!

That contraption wore me out but I was a good sport and went for
a walk in World’s End. Daddy was so excited because he spotted
an owl with long ears. Hoot Hoot!

IMG_1343 IMG_1351 IMG_1353 IMG_1376

We went home for play time. Now this is how it should be!IMG_1379    IMG_1410

Yep, Summer was watching over me the whole time.


Before I went to bed with Mr. Merlin, I got to model my new  hat from Aunt Hayley. She gets me.



Phew, that was a busy day and I’m pooped.
Good night and sweet dreams everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving

I’m back! I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for lots of things this year but most of all for being born. Heck, yeah.  I had a fun time hanging out with my fam in Hingham. I have so much to tell you, it’ll probably take me all week. So here I go with Day 1, Thanksgiving Day.

I got to go to the beach for the very first time. It was great because everyone took turns holding me so I got plenty of attention.



Even my new friend Summer got in the act.

IMG_1233 IMG_1211  IMG_1224

Whoa, that was scary, I thought Hayley was going to throw me in and I can’t even dog paddle yet!

IMG_1223  The MTeam

Daddy brought all of his fancy camera stuff to take lots of pictures…um, of the birds.


IMG_1240 Funny photobomb!


It sure was fun. I can’t wait to come back this summer so I can eat loads of that yummy sand!

IMG_1254 IMG_1257Then we went home to eat that big bird. Gee, I’m so popular I got two bibs for Turkey Day to wear… decisions, decisions.


I hope you had a great holiday too!

Sunday Funday

Fun times with my friend Amelia! We hung out and couldn’t take our eyes off of each other!


You know what, I think we look so much alike. Like we could be brother and sister.


Here’s a few sweet pics of Mommy and Daddy. Yeah, I’d thought you like them as much as I do.


P.S. Extra Credit if you can spot the shocker in my post today!!

It’s Friday!

Mommy said we’re going to Hingham for Thanksgiving!
I get to see Pops, Grammy, Aunt Hayley and the Big
Brown Thing!

IMG_1071  Hooray!

But then Mommy said that we weren’t leaving until a few days
from now.

IMG_1076  Huh?

That made me mad. Really mad.

IMG_1070 I want to go now, right now!

But then she said we’re going for almost a whole week!
Ok, now you’re talking my language! Here I come Hingham!