Boy does time fly. I can’t believe it, I’m three months old today!
Happy Birthday to me! Grammy send up some Brighams please!


In Case You Missed It, I joined this world on July 21st and it’s been full steam ahead ever since.


So now that I’m three months old, I’m supposed to be “hatching.” That’s when babies come out of their shells and begin to react to the world around them. That cracks me up. What am I, a chicken or something?!


Mister Luke

Mister Luke here.


I’m not being cocky, that’s my name coined by Pops. A genteel fellow like me, Mister Luke, should be well-appointed, don’t you think. But heck I wouldn’t even wear clothes if they didn’t make me.

IMG_1554 IMG_1552

The thing is, Mommy and Daddy are so busy taking care of me that things around the house can get a little messy. So I’m glad Aunt Hayley organized my drawers so now  Mommy and Daddy can quickly dress me at 4 am, and 6 am, and 8 am and 11 am and …


The best part is that my clean room means more cuddling time with Mommy. All play and no work, I’ll take it.



The Hangover

Am I glad the birthday weekend is over. It was a fun time but man I’m tired. It’s a lot of work being cute and good 24/7.


One thing I was mad about was that I was not invited to dinner. Nope, but that’s ok because I had to stay home to watch the babysitter and make sure she wasn’t on her phone all night.


I was sneaky and put on a birthday t-shirt to surprise Aunt Hayley when she came back. Only  problem was that it had sequins on it and we all know real men don’t wear those.

IMG_1484       IMG_1469-2

I was so tired after all that partying and conked right out. This week I have a birthday too; I’m turning three months on Wednesday!


A Day in the Life

Daddy and I have been having a great time hanging out together.IMG_8224 IMG_3868

Can’t you tell by my happy face? We have fun all day long and send Mommy pictures.

IMG_0451 IMG_6643

It can get exhausting, all of this, so sometimes I just conk right out.IMG_9405

And then Daddy wakes me up and says it’s time to go birding. Whaaat…Again?!!!


Thought for the Day

I have a lot on my mind. October is a busy month for me because there are so many birthdays to think about. Daddy, Muchy, Aunt Hayley and Aunt Lile are all celebrated this month. Stress City. I’m trying to figure out all my gifts cause I know that if I give good gifts I’ll get better ones in return hehe, I catch on fast.



Wedding Crasher

The wedding crasher is back! I was on my A game the entire
weekend, and tried my best to be sweet and charming since I
was meeting Mommy’s good buds for the first time.



Pops and Grammy took me, Mr. Luke as Pops calls me, on a campus tour to see the Duke Chapel and Cameron Stadium. I talked to Coach K who said my hands looked good and he’d see me in 18 years.

IMG_1382 IMG_1387

I wasn’t impressed tho and couldn’t even keep my eyes open cause I was so tired trying to be good for Mommy’s friends.


We also took fun walks outside around the hotel to get fresh air.

IMG_1392 IMG_1396

Fun weekend but it’s good to be home sweet home. And I’m super excited cause next weekend is Aunt Hayley’s birthday and I can’t wait for lots of cake and ice cream. Party on!


Leaving on a Jet Plane

Big day tomorrow! I’m taking my first plane ride woo hoo!
The team is going to North Carolina for a wedding. Grammy
and Pops are going too!


I’ve heard about this boarding stuff. I wonder if they’ll make me take off my shoes. They better not take away my paci! I’ll scream bloody murder if they do!


IMG_1336 I’m a little worried about that.

But then it’ll be fun to see the faces when I board the plane cause everyone will be wondering if they’re the lucky ones seated next to the crying baby!


Have a good weekend y’all! I’m off for some BBQ!


Danger Zone

I knew it. The minute Mommy went out the door, Daddy wasted no time in packing us up to go birding in Central Park. Lucky me, I got
to wear my new snazzy jacket from Aunt Hay.


Daddy was right, today was a beautiful day to be outside.
And who knows, maybe there was a piranga olivacea out
there to add to the list. But would you please take a  look at
our fellow birders? Does this guy look a little scary to you? Like he might be on America’s Most Wanted?  I’m telling Mommy!


Finally we headed home, had sweet milk, took naps and read stories so all was forgiven. Mommy gets home tomorrow around lunch time so I’m wondering if some early birding is on the agenda.  I think I know. But that’s ok. Male Bonding. Boys’ Club. It’s all good.


I just hope the ax murderer stays home.

Jersey Boy

Saturday we went to visit Daddy’s side of the fam in New Jersey.
I was reunited with Aunt Lile, Liz, and my great and uncle, Carolyn and Kearny. Aunt Lile sang to me and it was very sweet.

IMG_1281  IMG_1283 IMG_1290  Hanging with Liz

Lile even packed me up to go home.


They put me in the car, I shut my eyes and just like that, I was back home again!