Hey Dude

I’m looking pretty sharp these days with all my new duds. You see, Mommy had these clothes all along but because I was so small, I couldn’t fit into any of them, only white t-shirts. I was like, “Oh man, when am I going to get to wear any of my gifts?”


When I saw this album cover on Grammy’s iPhone,  I said, “oh no, that’s me!”


I didn’t understand why I was mostly wearing my Plain White Ts and so I started eating and eating and eating to see if that would change anything. And guess what? It worked! Now that I’ve gained weight and gotten bigger, I get to wear all my cool stuff and there’s no stopping me now!


Wonder if I’ll get voted Best Dressed or Best Looking?IMG_0772

Just Thinking…

Lemme think. I weighed 5 pounds, 3 ounces the day I was born.  Tuesday, on my five-week-old birthday, I weighed 7 pounds, 5 ounces. That’s a 2.2 pound gain which averages out to 6.8 ounces per week, which, by my calculation  means I am becoming a big little boy!



At The Movies

Did you ever seen that movie Honey I Shrunk the Kids? It’s the one where everything is gigantic cause the kids are so little. That’s how I felt  yesterday when Mommy stuck me under this big contraption which I guess is supposed to be fun (probably educational too, yuck).
I mean, what is this thing anyway?


I can’t wait to watch movies with Mommy like Pinocchio and Mary Poppins. Not watching any with Daddy tho, no way! I’m just a little guy but even I know that  scary movies (like The Birds and Arachnophobia for example) are all about Daddy’s favorite things.


Just So You Know

I’m not a boring guy.  Oh, you may think I’m just some dull baby who sleeps all day long (not night tho, no siree) but nope, there are a few different sides of me.

There’s my hipster Brooklyn side…


And then there’s my preppy Nantucket side…

IMG_0743IMG_0742 Which side do you like?



Extra Extra, Read All About It!


You might be wondering why I’m sporting frogs today. Well, guess what?! My daddy just started a new business so I’m really excited and joining in the spirit. I’m not one for all that social media stuff (meanie mommy won’t even let me have an iPad) so I’m not
putting this anywhere else, just here! So if you want to see a great new website, go to muchmoredesign.com, and support a great
cause (ahem, me). Pass the word please and maybe I’ll get some more new outfits!! Woohoo and Ribbit!


My Progress Report

Hi there! Since I’m coming up on five weeks, I thought it might be a good idea to check Mommy’s baby books to see how I am coming along, you know, my progress and all, at the five week mark. So here we go…


1. This week, your baby’s movements are becoming smoother and more purposeful. √ Check, yep that’s me!

2. Neck muscles are getting stronger, which allows him to hold his head up for short periods. √ Check, yep that’s me!

3.  Baby’s first real smiles (note to self: remember big smile when I want some more milk or a new rattle).  √ Check, yep that’s me!

4.  Your baby will start sleeping longer at night (maybe four to six hours).     No Check, uh oh, I might need to work on this one!


Pretty good report card but is there room for improvement?
√ Check, I think so!

Team Spirit

I’m gearing up for the fall because Pops and Grammy are big football fans. I mean big! We have a few family rivalries so I’m still deciding which side I’m on.  In the meantime, Go-o-o-o team!


IMG_0688 Hit ’em again, hit ’em again, harder..

My Daddy’s college didn’t have a team and my Mommy doesn’t care about football so that makes it a little easier on me since I don’t have to worry about two more teams.

Go Gators and Go Pats! shhhh!
images images images-1 Unknown-1 images-2

Four Weeks Old!

Yay, I’m four weeks old today! Boy, did that go by fast (for
me anyway, Mommy and Daddy are so tired they probably
think it’s been at least a year or something). Anyway, I wanted
you to know that, yes, Mommy is still big on stripes but they’re
green now and much wider so it’s all good. Happy Birthday to Me!




Family Ties

My Daddy likes spiders. Yup he sure does, and frogs, snakes, and birds, especially birds. He even took Mommy to a bat cave one time. Yikes. He is also an artist. My Mommy likes fashion and reading, and she is a great tennis player and skier. My Aunt Hayley is a fashionista too, not to mention a beauty expert and a rad soccer player. My Aunt Lile likes to get manicures. My Pops likes business and golf, and my Grammy likes to go to the beach and stalk the internet. My Liz likes to go hunting with dogs; my Muchy likes to build barns and help people get well.

Hmmm, I wonder what I’ll like when I grow up?

IMG_0640 IMG_0639