Jersey Boy

Saturday we went to visit Daddy’s side of the fam in New Jersey.
I was reunited with Aunt Lile, Liz, and my great and uncle, Carolyn and Kearny. Aunt Lile sang to me and it was very sweet.

IMG_1281  IMG_1283 IMG_1290  Hanging with Liz

Lile even packed me up to go home.


They put me in the car, I shut my eyes and just like that, I was back home again!


Dad in Charge

Big week ahead guys. Mommy is going away on a quick trip so that means Daddy’s in charge. It will be good to spend some quality time with Daddy, I’m just seriously thinking what that will mean.


I’m a little nervous cause Mommy’s more laid back and so I wonder if we will be washing my toys in XXX super sanitizing but environmentally-safe disinfectant cleaning solutions.

IMG_1300 (what me, worry?)

Another possibility is that we could be out birding all day. I’m kinda concerned about this. Daddy still has a few lifers he needs to check off his list.


But, naw, we’ll just be doing our boys’ club thing and it will be fun. And I’m happy Mommy will get her first night’s sleep in weeks…11 of them in fact, but who’s counting, not me!


And meanwhile I’m practicing cause someday I’m going to sit
behind a big scary desk like Mommy and look real important
while I covertly check Facebook.


Stay tuned, I’ll let you know how we guys do.

Book Club

One cool thing about being a baby is all the loot I get. People I don’t even know but are your Mommy’s best friend’s sister-in-law’s sister will send me an awesome gift.


I’ve gotten a lot of great books but the neat thing is that people
don’t just give a random book, but one that is special because it’s
the favorite of their baby|grandbaby|niece|fill-in-the-blank. So sweet and personal, brings this tough guy to tears. Some of the
ones I’ve gotten like this are: I Wish You More, I Already Know I Love You, and What Grandmas/Grandpas Do Best.


Wonder what my favorite books will be…maybe Pat the
Bunny and Goodnight Moon like Mommy loved. I’ll keep you posted.

Say Cheese!

I’ve been really worried about Mommy and Daddy. They’ve been acting so weird and doing dumb things like baby talking and making goofy faces at me. One day I was bored stiff so I smiled. And I mean a big juicy one. They were so giddy, they clapped and squealed like they’d never seen a guy smile before. Hey, if I knew this was what they wanted all along I would have smiled long ago. Ahhh, the pressure and expectations of being eight weeks old.


Wonder what else would make them smile…hmm maybe some
more sleep?

IMG_1210 IMG_1232 

 I’m no dummy, I’m going to use this new smile thing for something good.

Blue with Envy

Hey there! It’s Game Day and did you know the Patriots beat
the Jaguars 51-17? Yipee!! I’m the biggest (or littlest) Pats fan!


I’m all in for the team, especially, my man, Tommy Boy. You know,
the Big Guy, #12. He’s the coolest so all you haters out there, get
a grip cause he’s really the best guy ever. Would I be sporting his jersey if he wasn’t?! No sirreee. Go Tom. We #12s have to stick together.

IMG_1204 IMG_1193






Family Rivalry

I’m not stupid. Even though I’m sporting these cool (striped, ahem!)
Gator socks, believe me, I know how to play both ends against
the middle. Have to keep all options open. I’m a Florida Gator
and a Tennessee Vols fan too.


Cause you never know which side of the bread has the butter.
Go Teams!

Moving Along

Just thought I’d do a little FYI to keep you posted on my big move. I’m settling in okay, I know where all my best outfits are, and my walks in Central Park have been a real perk.


Mommy is not happy that she can’t find her favorite muffins so we need to find some good ones. BTW, you know, you can take the girl out of Brooklyn…


…but you can’t take Brooklyn out of the girl.


That’s all for now. I’ll let you know what’s trending..haha, just kidding, that word is my biggest pet peeve. It’s so yesterday.