Vintage Year

Just as I was starting to chill from the holidays, I found out I have
to make New Year’s resolutions.


Does the pressure ever end? Every day something else is expected of me, whether it’s finding my toes or rolling over.

I’ve been trying to think of some good resolutions. I heard that everybody starts out with good intentions, like going to the gym every day and giving up donuts, but by January 4th they’re back on the couch eating nachos.


I’m going to make mine real so I don’t go down that road of
good intentions paved to you-know-where:

  1. Burp immediately upon feeding
  2. Don’t fuss if I’m not held every second
  3. Get in touch with my inner self during tummy time


That’s not too difficult, I can manage that and you know what, I can’t wait for 2016 because there’s so much to look forward to: walking, talking, new teeth, more hair, and eating Cheerios off of the floor.

Here’s to 2015, it was a very good, ahem, year! Happy New Year!

Well Played

Daddy is a bird nerd. He loves to go birding, and tries to find as many different kinds as he can. And not just birds mind you, he’s keen on finding snakes, lizards, bats and all the things that everyone else hates.


So guess what?? Of all his finds, I was named Favorite Find of the Year! Yippee, thanks Daddy!

Better  practice my acceptance…I’d like to thank the Academy …

Luke Warm

Do you have a holiday hangover today like me?IMG_1807

It’s hard getting back in gear after all the festivities, you know?IMG_1816IMG_1812

I think Daddy is out of sorts too cause he’s messing with me.

Looks like I’m in for an interesting week.

P.S. Thanks Auntie Hay for the catchy title!!

‘Twas the Night After

No one told me how wonderful Christmas is.


I would have been more excited for the big day. Fun new toys, star cookies and cool outfits! Who knew! What was my favorite you ask? I really can’t say because I loved it all.

Here’s some of my favorite snaps from making the yuletide bright:

.  IMG_3383   IMG_1767IMG_1680IMG_1725

IMG_1632  IMG_1683     IMG_1642  IMG_1633  IMG_0721  IMG_1621

After all of that, there was more to come! On to New Jersey…



Haha, Daddy is getting a little big for Santa’s lap!



Fun times but it was time to head home …


and back to my life.


Eat, Sleep, and Dominate.

And To All a Good Night

Excuse me if I seem a little stressed. I have a lot on
my mind.


We’re headed to Hingham today and I’m worried that Santa won’t know I’ll be back in NYC on Christmas Eve. He might think we’re gone and fly right on by. My first Christmas fail!


Elf on the Shelf seems pretty clued-in so he’ll probably pass the word. Ahhh, feeling much better now. I hope I get some good loot in Hingham.  That’s one advantage of having Christmas in two places…lotsa stuff and btw, make that three! This busy boy is going to New Jersey too!

IMG_1593   IMG_1595

I’m giving myself a writing break the next few days so I can play with all of my shiny new toys.  Have a wonderful holiday and Merry Christmas from The Muchmores!


Play Date

Saturday I had a really fun play date with my girl Amelia.
No awkward small talk here, we got right to it, down and dirty.


Between you and me, I can’t get over how forward girls are these days. See A’s hands all over me? In the past I’d have to work really hard for this kind of PDA. Lucky me.


I couldn’t believe how she got in my personal space. I mean, whose mat is this anyway? Being the gentleman I am, however,
I stepped aside and let her rule the school.


Amelia is a really cool girl and she even read to me. l love knowing
an older woman who can show me the ropes.


We’re both so proud of our cute Mommies. And so lucky too. We kept waiting for them to leave the room to have a little privacy but nope, they wouldn’t let us out of their sights. Hello CD9.

IMG_1586 IMG_1584

We had such a great day and I only have eyes for A.
Swipe right for Amelia.



Fight Song

Go Big Green. I am feeling some school spirit today but a little guy can’t win. If I support one team then everyone wants to know why I’m not supporting theirs.


So I caved and added some Gator socks. I would wear my Penn onesie but it’s too big. I’m all for equality so I would sport my Tennessee and Quinnipiac shirts too but I’m still waiting for,
ahem, them to  arrive. Fun fact: did you now the Q mascot is
Boomer the Bobcat?


And then I’ll need a Pratt shirt too. Their mascot is The Canonneer. That’s a catchy one.


Maybe I should just stick with my stripes and take one for the team.