All You Can Eat

Don’t hate on me.

But how lucky am I to drink and


eat anything I want… be it a large mushroom pizza with extra cheese


or a giant order of the yummiest french fries.

And still maintain my svelte physique. Haters gonna hate but
lucky me.

Gotta run, doorbell ringing, Chinese spare ribs coming right up.



I’ve been reflecting back on my weekend in the country.

My girl Amelia invited me and Mommy and Daddy to her house in upstate New York for the weekend. I was really excited but I know how forward Amelia can be so I was a little unsure how it would go.


But we had a great time as usual. We had some deep convos about Dory, played hide and seek,

banged out a few concertos,

and had fun running around enjoying nature, fresh air and no taxis.


Sometimes I needed a little alone time so I would sneak off to be by myself.


This was quite a successful weekend as I’ve come to realize that it’s  nice being the younger one. I get to relax and let Amelia lead the way while I show off my silly side.


Now if I can just get my boots back.

Trick or Treat

The wait is over! I’m Dennis the Menace! Mr Wilsonnnnn!!!

I wasn’t so sure about this Halloween thing. I knew candy was involved  – that’s the good part –  but no one told me I had to dress
up and look silly.

I cried and was sad. I just wanted to be myself.


The parade at school helped ease the pain. When I saw all of my friends dressed up too I started to have fun.


The best part was when I got home and Daddy and I carved the pumpkin.

  Yay jack o’lantern

Auntie Hay came to see my costume and go trick-and-treating. Who was she kidding, I knew she was coming for my candy .

Mommy was so happy when I got anything with peanuts or peanut butter cause it went straight to her (thanks peanut allergy).

After a scary boo night, it was time for bed in my mummy glow-in-the-dark pjs!!

Can’t wait until tomorrow to dig into all of my candy. Hope you had a fun night too. Happy Halloween!

  Dennis the Menace

Decision Time

Tomorrow is Halloween. I’m trying to decide what my costume
will be. What do you think?

Should I be Tom Brady?

or a silly clown or perhaps tough Hulk Hogan?


I could be my hero, an excavator operator,

or a scarecrow or my favorite Curious George.


Actually, I know exactly what I’m going to be

but I’ll let you chew on it for awhile and wonder.
Happy Halloween!

Day to Day

Every now and then I like to update you on my comings and goings.
A typical day in my life you might say.

If it’s a M-W-F like today, then I walk to school in the morning. It’s not too far but a driver and car would be much better.

I walk slowly along the way, studying every crack, rock, or Starbucks.

On my way home, I like to have a snack of cheddar bunnies topped off with a thermos of water.

I play at home taking my car for a spin,

say hello to my animal friends,

and check to make sure the fall decorations are in good shape.

Lastly, I stop by the playroom to see my buddies and make sure all trucks are tuned up and ready for action.

Every day is quite full and quite demanding. I usually end my day with a little walk to reflect back on what a lucky guy I am.

Happy Birthday Lile

October is a big month for birthdays in our family. First we
celebrated Auntie Hay and then next week is Daddy. Smack in the middle of these two parties was my Aunt Lile’s birthday party.  She was a good sport to wait because her birthday is actually first.

Off we went to New Jersey. Too cold to go swimming this time so I got to run in the field. Felt so good to be barefoot and fancy free.

Then it was time for lunch and play with animals,


story time with Liz,

and silly time with Kearny.

That was all a lot of fun but nothing I loved as much as

my blue cupcake! Happy Birthday Lile!

Hats Off

I insist on wearing my hat backwards. Cool guy here.

Here’s a better angle. Lookin’ good, huh?

On the other hand, coats are for sissies. I tell Daddy that but he won’t listen.

But good day today no matter what I wear, Mommy is back in town and the team is back together!

Stick Around

I try to be a tough little guy.

But there was something that used to scare me to death.

You’re probably thinking it was the usual:
a. spiders b. thunder or c. heights?

Nope, I was terrified of stickers.

And just look at me now.