Boy Genius

I bet you didn’t know I’m an inventor. Hold on and I’ll tell you about my latest invention. It’s the Playtub (aka the bathtub), patent pending.


Yup, I’m a genius! I take a simple bathtub and turn it into my very own play pit. Bathtubs aren’t just for baths anymore. They have so many uses, the possibilities are endless!

I know, I know, just call me Luke Einstein. A real prodigy.

Big Bear likes to watch me when he’s done playing in the Playtub.

   I love his foot on the tub

All I need now is an invention to clean everything up.


New Friend

My good friend and neighbor Francisco moved a few days ago. If you remember, he was a bit of a crybaby but such a sweet guy and I really liked him.

It didn’t hurt that he was very generous and gave wonderful presents,  fun parties, and goodie bags filled to the brim. I loved his giant teddy bear, and since he didn’t care about it all that much, he gave it to me as a parting gift.

I tried to act nonchalant about my new bear friend, as any cool kid would, but inside I was jumping for joy.

The first thing I did was take him for a spin in my car. It was a little tight but I was happy to share my seat (no wonder they call it Cozy Coupe).

I wanted Bear to be nice and clean so I brushed his teeth.

Sammy was feeling a bit threatened so I brushed his too.

Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.



Hump Day

My days are long and hard. I’m glad I made it through Hump Day (aka Wednesday) yesterday.

So much responsibility and pressure in my life… I had to slide and play soccer.


But then the coolest thing happened on the way home from the playground…I got to ride in a truck! A big one!

  Dreams come true!

I’m a really cool guy so that calls for really cool slippers. Um, like Elmo ones. Auntie Hay came through big time for my birthday and I was so proud.


There’s just one problem…

Sammy Seal was sad he didn’t get some too. I had to talk him off of the (crib) ledge, and explain that he has fins not feet. See what I mean about responsibility?


Watching the skateboarders was pretty cool.


I was really into it, intent on studying and learning every trick move.


After I got home and fell into the bureau, I looked like I had been skateboarding too



Party Zone

No one told me turning two was going to be so much fun.

Mommy, Daddy, and I kicked off my big day by going out to breakfast and having yummy treats.

  cool orange sneakers from Daddy

Mommy surprised me with a special Birthday Boy t-shirt with my favorite excavator on the front. How cool was that?!


Then we went to the Science Museum, another birthday surprise. The special treatment continued all day long and I couldn’t wait to see what was next. I even got birthday presents sent from friends and family. But best of all, I got ketchup for dinner. Now this really was my best day.


Saturday, the next day, was party day. More fun, yippee!


Mimi, PopPop, Hayley,  Liz, Lile, and lots of my friends came to celebrate me. Of course I would fall off my chair in the morning and get a nice shiner by my eye so I wasn’t picture perfect.

Don, from my music class, was a surprise guest. I couldn’t believe it! That sneaky Mommy. He played all my favorite songs and we even jammed to the Wheels on the Bus.



The fun didn’t end there. Musical Don had another surprise – he turned me into a magician and I did magic tricks for everyone. Whoa, could the day get any better?


It did! Cupcakes with trucks, opening gifts, and playing with my toys and friends, I didn’t want it to end.

It was so much fun I hope we’re doing it all over again tomorrow.


Happy Birthday to Me

Today’s the day! My birthday!

  TWO sir!

Yup! I was born July 21st, two years ago today! Time sure flies, well except between 3 and 5 pm each day.

I’m so excited about my truck and construction party tomorrow. But first let me tell you about my fun time the other night.

Auntie Hay babysat.

We took fun to another level. I learned so many new things, like the word Bump! I’m counting the days until she sits for me again.


But back to the Birthday Boy!! Party time tomorrow!

  Thanks Auntie Hay!

CAUTION! Luke Construction Zone! It’s Party time!

Bring on the cake and ice cream. Gifts too, duh.

Two is the number of the day!

Party Animal

Well hello stud…um wait, that’s me!

My social calendar has been quite busy. Yesterday I went to my buddy Francisco’s summer party. He throws a great bash and is a real wild one as you can see.

I, on the other hand, would rather drag the stuffed animals. No surprise there, you know I love my stuffies.

But the real reason I couldn’t focus on the party? Cause I’m having my own party! Yup! Saturday is my birthday party and I turn two!

  birthday haircut!

Paaaarrttayyy at 7D! It’s happening!