Whether the Weather

Yesterday was a beautiful day!

Bad weather is headed my way so I was determined to spend as much time outside as possible yesterday.

  Off I go

First stop was the ducks.

  Hi duckys!

It was a fun day. But, I don’t mind a little snow coming my way.

Might be fun to build a Frosty.

Before and After

Hey, you know those before-and-after diet pictures you see everywhere?

Here’s my variation of that…


Before: breakfast no eggs                             After: breakfast with eggs

Who knew eggs make life a little sweeter? Next time maybe I’ll add a little butter and syrup. Double the pleasure, double the fun.




First, let me give a shout-out to my New England Patriots! Heck yeah, I was cheering for them the whole painful way…even if I was reading my books during most of the game. Go Pats!


   Don’t you love Auntie Hay’s sign?

It’s really been a drag having an egg allergy. That means no birthday cake, whoopie pies, or chocolate chip cookies. I like bread but c’mon, how many baguettes can one little guy eat?

Yesterday was the day I’d been waiting for. I was going to be tested to see if I could eat eggs (in baked goods only, scrambled or raw eggs are still off limits for now). Daddy packed up pancakes and off we went to the allergist. I took bites of the pancakes on the hour,  preparing myself for a monster rash to attack. Here I am keeping busy in between bites, waiting for the rash to roar its ugly head.


If I rashed, no eggs. But guess what?! I passed! I still have to take it slow and easy (who  me?!) but yippee, I am on the Egg Road to Recovery!!

BTW, the doctor told Daddy that I am very smart. I guess asking the doctor if she knew that protein is a source of energy didn’t hurt, but ahem, how many other 18.5 month olds know his letters?!


Yep, me!

P.S. It’s good to be back.

Who’s Crying Now

Saturday night my girl Amelia came over. Mommy made spaghetti sauce on that cold night and all was good.

img_2400  Amelia

We went into my room to play. Amelia headed straight for the toys while I went for the books.



Yep, all was good … until… someone thought it was a good idea to put us in the playpen.


I was not happy. Amelia told me to chill, what was the big deal. But I couldn’t. I could not contain myself and now I was the crybaby. So much for being the cool guy in the room.


As the song goes, “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.”
So I did.

Santa Claus

Finally it was my time to meet Santa. I didn’t know what to expect so I prepared myself, hammer in hand. Never know what kind of moves that guy might try.

.img_2405  hammer in hand

Auntie Hay got in line first and saved us a spot. Three hours later (so much for a New York minute)…


it was our turn and we finally got to see the big guy.

I gave him a once over to make sure he was the real deal. img_2433

I told him that I had been a very good boy and smiled for the camera.img_2445

Mommy and Auntie Hay wanted in on the action, and Auntie Hay was sucking up big time in hopes of getting a Chanel bag.


But then I decided to act my age (i.e., a typical 17 month old) and started to cry. I mean c’mon, that man was a little scary.

img_2421  Mommmmmy!

On the way out we got to see Santa’s reindeer.


Was I supposed to think these were real? They couldn’t fool me . I knew they were fake and gave one a big squeeze on the nose where it  really hurts. hehe.


It was a very fun day and a good thing I got to tell Santa what I want (lots of books). But I had to be sure he would know that I’ll be in Hingham on Christmas Eve.  He winked and thanked me for telling him but, being Santa, he said he already knew. Phew, that was a big load off my shoulders.

Christmas Joy

So I went to my first Christmas party yesterday.

It was really cool. I got to eat goodies with friends, play with a remote toy dog and even ride on a giant toy car.


But there was one problem. This cool dude (me) was with a bunch of baby wimps.


You can see me like…
a. what is his problem
b. are you serious
c. am I the only adult in the room
d. get me outta here
e. all of the above

Looks like I’m going to be the Top Dog running this place.

Busy Body

I’m baaack! Sorry I’ve been a little MIA but this busy boy has been too busy to take a seat and write.  To catch you up, here is what I’ve been up to…

The day after Thanksgiving I took Daddy to pick out a Christmas tree. I knew exactly where I wanted to go.


I found the best place to get a tree and showed Mommy all around.


After we set up the tree, we went for a walk in the park to de-stress. You know how taxing that tree stuff is.




We were having so much fun but then Mommy said it was time to go home.

img_2332  oh yeah?

This was me when she gave me that info.

img_2327  not happy

But then it was ok because I realized I could go back to reading
my books.


I had a feeling Mommy was hiding something from me. Call it toddler intuition, and I was right. Yep, Mommy fessed up that she was taking me to get a hair cut! My first one!

img_2365   You mean, cut off my curls?

img_2355 img_2357

The finished product. A dashing, handsome new me!

I forgot to mention that I got sick with a fever in the middle of all of this busyness. Sammy comforted me as he always does.


I’ll end this with the best part. We went to my friend Jane’s house in New Jersey and she had these awesome giant gingerbread men. Almost as big as me!


Those things were so so yummy.


The holidays are really fun, can’t wait to see what’s next! I’m hoping it’s a visit to my buddy Santa.

P.S. Happy Birthday today Pop Pop!

Wedding Weekend

I’d been waiting for this weekend. Mommy and Daddy were going to a wedding in San Antonio so you know what that meant…

Grammy and Pops to the rescue! They came down on Thursday to watch me until Sunday. The first thing we did was to head over to see the buzz at Trump Tower. It was cool to see important people coming and going, and see the press camped out from all over the world.


We got right down to business…

img_2136  my first golf lesson

img_2137  swinging in the park

img_2142  and reading.

Friday was a big day. We were going to the Upper East Side so I dressed to impress.

img_2168  GQ shot

We took the carriage ride in Central Park (tip: save your money, it’s  not really that much fun)

img_2172  Hi Mr. Horsey


Then went to Laduree where Grammy and Pops enjoyed macarons while I had sucky graham crackers (thanks egg allergy),


admired the Christmas lights at Ralph Lauren,


and entertained (aka annoyed) the guests at the Carlyle. Great stairs to play on there btw if you’re ever in the neighborhood.


We had more fun planned in the ues but I reached my max so we raced home. Gotta save something for next time I told them.

Saturday we read more books. I taught Grammy lots of new words in my books like elephant, shoes, and baby. We read them so many times I think she might have actually learned them. Then it was…

img_2217 img_2220

playground time, gym time, and toy store time!

img_2192  so proud

I had fun organizing legos in my new boxes, and straightening my toys.

img_2226 img_2230

Had a little quiet alone time before…


Mommy and Daddy were back!

img_2140  See you soon Hingham!

Weekend with Mommy

Daddy was away at a bachelor party this weekend so Mommy and I got our party on.

We went for a morning walk (party hat included).

img_2120  img_2116

img_2119-2  Hey, this hat is bigger than me!

Then we went to visit my girl Amelia in Park Slope. We couldn’t get enough of each other.


But notice I’m finally starting to take control.


img_2114 tough guy me

The next morning Mommy locked me out of the kitchen.


I guess the party’s over.