Funny Face

After the party circuit this weekend, it was tough getting back in the groove. I tried to have a good attitude and dove right in to the week.

I went to school.

Raced home and played with trucks to decompress.

Hit F2 for some hide-and-seek with friends.


But the best part?! Making silly faces with Mommy!

She makes everything muchmore fun.

Party Boy

I am always excited when I’m invited to a birthday party. This weekend I got to go to not just one but two parties! Whew, popular guy here!

  lucky me

Saturday was Eloise’s party at the playground.

And Sunday was Grace’s party. I was so excited because Don from my party (and music class) was going to be there. He and I love to jam together.


But the fun didn’t end there! Nope, Auntie Hay came to babysit that night. Yup.

We went to dinner. The waitress asked me what I’d have and I said, “The usual.” She knew that meant french fries and double ketchup.

I taught Auntie Hay some fun tricks like putting sugar in my dump truck.

Then playground time and swinging after dinner, I didn’t think the day could get any better until…


Ice cream! Yum! Followed by bath time, another favorite.

Then it was bedtime kisses for Sammy before I went off to bed.

Bed? No way! Not with Auntie Hay here! Nope it was apple time.

Then apple, Sammy, and baby Sammy and I rested.

  chomp chomp

Before I said Night Night!

What I Know

I’m only two years old but I thought I’d pass along some pearls of wisdom I’ve learned in my short life so far.

It’s not a good idea to feed a toddler jelly,

or rice. Unless you like to clean up a big mess.

Always carry a pack of crayons. Never know when you might
need them.

Pizza for dinner is the best. Add Dad and it’s extra special.

Having a drum to bang on is really fun. Express yourself.

Never pass up a chance to sit in the grass,

go to the zoo and see the animals,

appreciate the artwork,

and admire the fountains.

You see, all I’ve really needed to know in life so far

I’ve learned when I was just two years old.

Snack Time

After my fun weekend in Florida, it was time to get back to
work, um, I mean school.

Here I am in circle time. Am I having fun yet?

Then they brought out the snacks.

Best part of the day.

Go Gators!

Oh man, where do I begin?!

This past weekend we went to Gator Country aka the U. of Florida to celebrate Mimi and PopPop’s 40th anniversary. Taking It Back to where it all began!

I’m an experienced flyer so I know the drill. I inspect all parts of the plane before we take off to make sure it’s safe.


I know if I make lots of noise I’ll get all the treats I want – and watch the iPad too –  so I’ve worked very hard to perfect my cry.


I usually don’t fall asleep until right before we land 😉 I mean, who wants to sleep the whole flight? Auntie Hay sat nearby to keep an eye on me but I knew her real objective was to sneak some pretzels.

After we got to Gainesville, we hit The Swamp for dinner. Mimi taught me the Gator Chomp to get ready for the big game.

Then we went to the Tri Delta house where Mimi lived. I must have looked pretty official cause they let us right in and I didn’t have to do a secret handshake or anything.

  Delta Darlings

Saturday was Game Day! We checked out the campus hot spots in the morning, and I got to give the big drum (that is 64 years old) a loud thwack and later it was on the field during the game so I felt pretty cool about that.


After my nap with Sammy, it was Game Time! It was so exciting and I loved it. Not scared at all, nope not this guy. I cheered and clapped and sang the whole time.



I didn’t just cheer though. I was very intent on studying the game and making sure they were calling the right plays.


Auntie Hay and I discussed strategy …

while Mommy got her game on …

But you know one of the best parts? Daddy gave me 3 lollipops during the game. 3! Definitely pays to be restless sometimes.

  the team

I was worn out from all that cheering so we left a little early to beat the crowd and get some dinner to celebrate our Big W (sorry Auntie Hay!).

Sunday before I knew it and already at the airport to go home.  Heck, I was just warming up. I was sad, but the weekend was so fun and so sweet that it made it all ok.

  Gator Country, I’ll be back

Baby Gator

First week of school and I’m already playing hooky!

Yep! I’m skipping school today.

Mommy, Daddy and Auntie Hay are treating Mimi and PopPop to a UF football game to celebrate their anniversary! Yep, back to where it all began 40 years ago.  We’re all going and I’m going to be a Gator for the weekend.  Go Gators!

There is one problem. The Gators are playing Auntie Hay’s school, Tennessee, so there’s going to be some family rivalry trash talking going on.

  Gator bait

I can’t wait!

Old School

There are some perks in going to school.

That night, after my first day, I got to eat ice cream. Chocolate ice cream did you know.

Yesterday it was fun being back with my gang on Floor 2. We played hide and seek,

and just hung out.

Then off to family time at the park

and at the zoo.

Today is Day 2 at my new school. Another short day easing into it but I’m quickly getting the hang of it. My new school already feels old.

School Daze

Excuse me but I’m a little dazed and confused right now.

No one told me I was going to school this year. Like what?!!!

  back to school outfit

I’m only two years and a few months old. I’m not ready for algebra. Or homework and school projects. Not yet anyway.


But I went along with it and you know what? It was really fun! Any place that has cows and sheep to play with is ok by me.

  farm play time

I’m pretty cool cause I’m in the yellow chick group. Please don’t be jealous cause you don’t have your head on a chicken body like me.


Here’s my first day of school picture. I’m glad Mommy didn’t make me one of those signs to hold. I guess that’s next year.

There was one glitch. Mommy and Daddy came to school with me.

Oh, was that embarrassing. I’m telling them to drop me off a block away next time. I have an image to uphold.