This weekend was so much fun celebrating Mommy’s birthday!


Mimi and Auntie Hay came Friday to kick off the fun. Auntie Hay brought her traditional fun balloons – and she added a touch of Cinco de Mayo this year.


She also brought some cool 36 sparkler candles which were pretty but scary to this big boy!


The best part was eating yummy cake and ice cream, and we had whistle lollipops too!

Mommy needed help opening her presents. I gave her a big birthday hug instead of the 36 spankings Mimi said she was supposed to have.


Saturday we met up for breakfast. And then we met up for breakfast (aka brunch) again a few hours later. I learned how to pinky swear, and say pinkies too.


On the walk home I made a pit stop at the swings, my favorite.

Then they played a mean trick on me. They went out to dinner and left me at home. For real! That was not very nice!!

But when they got back we played shadow puppets on the wall so I forgave them.

Sunday we walked to the park and I just chilled.

It was a nice spring day so we walked all over Central Park, and


had fun playing hide and seek, watching the ducks, playing pretend drums, and of course, admiring the excavators.


Before I knew it, it was getting late and everyone had to go home.

Boo hoo hoo. Why do good things have to come to an end?

Happy Birthday weekend Mommy!

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