Ides of March

I don’t know about you but this long month of March is really getting on my nerves.

  mad as heck

It seems like it’s never going to end. I try to keep busy and not dwell on my misery. After this long winter, what else is left for me to do?

Well… I like to make messes, um I mean paint masterpieces

take Mommy on luscious picnics

stir up my creative juices

and go on long walks with my Elmo slippers when the real cabin fever spikes.

Mommy hates the weather too. She acts out about it so I make her drop and give me 20. I tell her she has to have a good attitude.

I can’t believe there’s over a week to go until April.

Better start thinking of some new ideas to keep me busy.
But then does that mean April showers? please no.

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