February Vacation

I thought Mimi and PopPop needed to have some fun so I summoned them to NYC and banished Mommy and Daddy to Texas.


Mimi came first. I always ask her to look at pictures of myself on her phone.  Auntie Hay tells me I have a big ego.

When Pop Pop arrived we headed to Ellen’s Stardust Diner. Mimi has been nagging me to go there so we finally did.

The best part was walking there – the entire length of the street was filled with construction trucks. Who needs Broadway when you have excavators to admire.


I asked Mimi to hold her hand while we waited in the line to get into Ellen’s.  I was afraid she might ditch me.

The show was fun and I really loved it. Even if they only had tater tots, and not french fries, for breakfast. The nerve.

Pop Pop and I played hard. He loved it when I covered him with balls.


Sometimes I needed a break to chill to watch my favorite show.

  Daniel Tiger

Auntie Hay worked her Norton magic on my room. She was so clever making Elephant play the guitar and Bear the drums.

Pop Pop and I watched a lot of golf too.

We gotta get our games sharp. Summer will.
be here before you know it.

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