Happy Holiday

My shopping madness is in full swing.

It’s hard figuring out what to buy everyone. You know, Β to get exactly what they’d want. So I do a deep dive into what I would like because they would probably like that too. Like fire engines. Always a big hit.

This week I am off to Hingham to begin celebrating but I’ll be back home on the big day. I’m Β hoping Santa will see me there and I’ll get two Christmas celebrations with lots of toys. Hey, make that three including New Jersey! Yippee!

I’m extra excited to go to Hingham to see Mimi and PopPop cause they got a new puppy. Yep! We all named her Cooper.

I can’t wait to play with her. I hope she’s ready for me.

Merry Christmas! See you next year!

One thought on “Happy Holiday”

  1. Luke, Merry Christmas! Hope you have a great holiday. Enjoy playing with Cooper. I bet he will be worn out when you leave. He is almost as cute as you!

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