Go Gators!

Oh man, where do I begin?!

This past weekend we went to Gator Country aka the U. of Florida to celebrate Mimi and PopPop’s 40th anniversary. Taking It Back to where it all began!

I’m an experienced flyer so I know the drill. I inspect all parts of the plane before we take off to make sure it’s safe.


I know if I make lots of noise I’ll get all the treats I want – and watch the iPad too –  so I’ve worked very hard to perfect my cry.


I usually don’t fall asleep until right before we land 😉 I mean, who wants to sleep the whole flight? Auntie Hay sat nearby to keep an eye on me but I knew her real objective was to sneak some pretzels.

After we got to Gainesville, we hit The Swamp for dinner. Mimi taught me the Gator Chomp to get ready for the big game.

Then we went to the Tri Delta house where Mimi lived. I must have looked pretty official cause they let us right in and I didn’t have to do a secret handshake or anything.

  Delta Darlings

Saturday was Game Day! We checked out the campus hot spots in the morning, and I got to give the big drum (that is 64 years old) a loud thwack and later it was on the field during the game so I felt pretty cool about that.


After my nap with Sammy, it was Game Time! It was so exciting and I loved it. Not scared at all, nope not this guy. I cheered and clapped and sang the whole time.



I didn’t just cheer though. I was very intent on studying the game and making sure they were calling the right plays.


Auntie Hay and I discussed strategy …

while Mommy got her game on …

But you know one of the best parts? Daddy gave me 3 lollipops during the game. 3! Definitely pays to be restless sometimes.

  the team

I was worn out from all that cheering so we left a little early to beat the crowd and get some dinner to celebrate our Big W (sorry Auntie Hay!).

Sunday before I knew it and already at the airport to go home.  Heck, I was just warming up. I was sad, but the weekend was so fun and so sweet that it made it all ok.

  Gator Country, I’ll be back

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