School Daze

Excuse me but I’m a little dazed and confused right now.

No one told me I was going to school this year. Like what?!!!

  back to school outfit

I’m only two years and a few months old. I’m not ready for algebra. Or homework and school projects. Not yet anyway.


But I went along with it and you know what? It was really fun! Any place that has cows and sheep to play with is ok by me.

  farm play time

I’m pretty cool cause I’m in the yellow chick group. Please don’t be jealous cause you don’t have your head on a chicken body like me.


Here’s my first day of school picture. I’m glad Mommy didn’t make me one of those signs to hold. I guess that’s next year.

There was one glitch. Mommy and Daddy came to school with me.

Oh, was that embarrassing. I’m telling them to drop me off a block away next time. I have an image to uphold.

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