History Day

The Terrific Three (that’s Mommy, Daddy, and me!) bundled up for a visit to the Museum of Natural History.

The Museum is on 79th Street and we live on 60th so we got to take the train. So fun!

It was so exciting, starting with the horse statue I spied.

We saw all sorts of animals.

But somehow ended up at the bird section. 😉

Only bummer was that we didn’t see the dinosaurs,
Mommy’s favorite, hehe.

Why is that you ask? That’s a story for another day.

5 thoughts on “History Day”

  1. Ok everyone, Flarma and Mr. Luke are back! I will try to keep it going and hopefully Daddy will send lots of good pictures every day. Thank you for wanting to see more of me!

  2. Luke,
    You have such exciting adventures! I love reading about you and your family!❤️ Susu

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