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Time in a Bottle

Hey y’all. Have I got big news for you!

I went for my two-year-old check-up and guess what? I’ve kicked the habit! The bottle habit! Yep, you heard me, no more baby bottles for this big guy.

I wasn’t sure if the doctor had the correct info about the bottles
so I wanted to check the fine details myself.

  yep, she’s right 

I had a big date with Amelia on Saturday night so got pumped
with some iced tea. Went for the big boy venti this time.
Shaken and stirred.

Egad, Amelia went in for the big one. A real smacker. I said, hey, this blog is G-rated but she was cool and told me to “throw caution to the wind.” I nodded and pretended I knew what that meant.

Sunday we went to NJ to see  my great Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Carney. They did me right and had lots of big trucks to keep me busy. Sticks too.


Is it Monday already? Man these busy weekends fly by so fast, and just as I was warming up too … warming up, hey that reminds me, today is solar eclipse day. I guess going cold turkey with bottles isn’t the only big news of the day.



All Dressed Up

And no place to go.

Has that ever happened to you?

I got all dressed up in my new soccer uniform from Mexico that Francisco gave me. Felt so stylin’ and proud.

Went to the playroom but no one was there. No one. Who was gonna see me looking so sharp? I called out for friends but no one answered.

No matter, I just went to the park and practiced my shots.

It was very therapeutic.

Shhh, Don’t tell any one but I might wear my outfit again to music class today. I’ll be all dressed up and have a place to go.

Summer Times

First thing I did when I got to Hingham was change into my preppy best. Nantucket Reds seemed to be the appropriate attire.

Then Mommy, Daddy, and I went to the pool for a quick dip before my nap.


Something has been a little off with my putting lately so PopPop and I went to the course to work on it.


Sneaky man, little did I know he was going to put me to work when we were done practicing.

The next morning, as usual, Summer sat with me at breakfast. She doesn’t know that I know she has an ulterior motive for keeping me company. It’s a win-win situation though. She gets snacks and I get high fives for finishing my meal.

After breakfast we went to check out Open Barnyard at Weir Farm.

  field of dreams

  Nutmeg the pony

Sure it was cool seeing the animals and all but…

no way no how did it come close to the thrill of …

driving the tractor! Yep, that’s me at the helm!

   Farmer Luke

The rest of the day threatened rain but I had work to do anyway so I wasn’t mad.

     break time

Luckily I finished my chores just in time for dinner with the fam.


There was this scary red thing called a lobster sitting next to me that I couldn’t get away from fast enough.

Sunday morning it was time to head back to NYC but not before some delicious pound cake prepared just the way I like it…drenched in ketchup.

   new recipe anyone?

Quick trip to Hornstra Farm for some milk for the road and then we were off. I knew I was going to conk out cause man was I exhausted. It was a busy weekend keeping everyone entertained.

PS – Can I say one thing…how awesome and gorgeous are these two?!  

  xoxo Mommy and Daddy

Day Three with M&P

Day Three. Rainy Saturday so we cancelled all of our plans. We still went to the playground but everything was wet so we did a little grocery shopping to replenish my stash of strawberries.

But one fun thing I haven’t told you about yet is The Baseball Center where Mimi and I went on the first day. It was so cool and there were so many kids there who wanted to play with me.  I felt so loved.

  Where’s Luke?!

After my nap the skies brightened so we headed to Central Park to play ball.


That worked up my appetite so we stopped at The Smith for some dinner. To keep my antsyness (yep, it’s a word, I checked) to a minimum, Mimi dashed across the street to get me crayons – 4th box for the week but who’s counting – and drawing paper.

After dinner we had a dance party. A wild one! Stinky Pete Penguin showed off her moves too. Amazing what penguin flippers can do.


I was sad there was only one more day left to babysit. But my sadness didn’t last long because …  we are headed to
Hingham for summer fun!!


Day Two of M&P

When I woke up last Friday morning I thought I was dreaming but nope, PopPop was right there! In my room! He drove down Thursday night to help Mimi because I am a full-time job you know.

The first thing we did was hit the Central Park Zoo.


Mimi had been nervous when she’d seen me feeding the animals with Daddy. She was afraid they might bite off my finger but they are really very sweet and tame.


After my afternoon nap, we had a mission. We were going to dinner at Serendipity. It was going to be One Fine Day (movie reference if you aren’t clued in). We hurried over to the east side and there unfolded the best treat ever. Through a peep hole I got to see a bunch of my favorite construction trucks at work.
Can you spell h-e-a-v-e-n?

Serendipity had a wait so we whiled away the 30 minutes at Dylan’s Candy Bar. All the candy you could ever imagine and then some. Three endless floors of every color in the world overwhelmed me so this tough guy wouldn’t let Mimi put him down.

  matching shirt and candy

Time to go back to Serendipity for our table and guess who met us there? That would be Auntie Hay! My hot dog was delicious, and I ate all the ketchup I could before it was time to head home.

   Hi Hay!

I strummed a few tunes before it was time to go to beddy.


Baby Summer came night-night too.

I want everyone to feel included.


You are NOT going to believe this! I face-timed with Elmo!!

(see me in lower left of phone screen shot photo)

Elmo!! Yes, you heard me! I am pinching myself!

Auntie Hay has this cool phone app where I can call him. And I did! And he picked up!

  oh my

I was beside myself in excitement.

 I can’t believe it!

Have to admit, I wa a little shy too talking to such a celebrity.

Who else can I call?  Curious George, you might be next.

Toy Story

You might be wondering how my babysitting days went with Mimi.

Well, my first day went like this… after I threw a little (ok, huge) fit in my stroller, we took a trip to my favorite store, the toy store of course.  (note to self: remember, crying works like a charm every time).

  Walking home with my treasure

I got my favorite trucks that I love so much: excavator, front loader and dump truck. The week was off to a better start than I expected.

I couldn’t stop playing with them. All. Day. Long.

Mimi suggested I put crayons in the trucks.

  Now we’re in business

Well that sealed the deal. From then on, it was trucks and crayons and crayons and trucks all the livelong day.



I even went outside of my two-year-old self and shared my trucks with Big Bear.

Sammy wasn’t into it so he just watched.

I brought them into the tub with me,

and in the bed too.

My first day? It went just fine, thank you for asking.

While visions of Caterpillar trucks danced in his head.

Fire Away

My friend Eloise and I got to go to the fire museum!

It was really cool.

We even saw a firetruck named Hingham!

Mimi and PopPop are coming to town to play with me while Mommy and Daddy escape for a few days. I wonder what they have up their sleeves. I told them it better be good stuff.

  tough guy

Like swinging. That’s always a requirement on my agenda.