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History Day

The Terrific Three (that’s Mommy, Daddy, and me!) bundled up for a visit to the Museum of Natural History.

The Museum is on 79th Street and we live on 60th so we got to take the train. So fun!

It was so exciting, starting with the horse statue I spied.

We saw all sorts of animals.

But somehow ended up at the bird section. 😉

Only bummer was that we didn’t see the dinosaurs,
Mommy’s favorite, hehe.

Why is that you ask? That’s a story for another day.

(No) Snow Day

So the silly weather people blew the forecast. We didn’t get much snow after all and I was bummed cause I was really looking forward to riding in my red sled.

That’s ok though. I had fun anyway.

  fashion statement

I spent a lot of time brushing

and brushing

And brushing my teeth.  It takes a special talent to read and brush
at the same time.

Turned out to be a busy day after all. See ya later!

Blizzard Warning

Monday is always a drag after a fun weekend. Especially when
a blizzard is coming our way.

But Sammy and I made a plan. We’re going to do our
favorite things like…

Watch Spot (in matching outfits) with Daddy.

Make masterpieces with markers.

And, our favorite, read books.

I think we’ll be just fine. Bring on the snowmageddon…
Sammy and I are ready!

Beach House

Hi there.  Just back from a whirlwind weekend visiting my buddy Axel at his beach house.

We did what good buddies do.

Kidded each other,

fed each other,

(as Auntie Hay said, “those better not have been made in
a facility containing peanuts”)

read books together,

(my favorite  Ms were in the story yay)

and played in boxes.

It was a very fun weekend. We coordinated our outfits too.
Another thing best buddies do.


All Caught Up

I’ve been busy catching up since I’ve been back …

Listening to good music,

Patrolling the park,

And tossing Mama’s book into the potty.

  oops, sorry

With this angelic face, it must be hard to believe I did that.

I guess that’s why they call me Street Angel, House Devil.

Who, me?

Home Again, Home Again

Hey – I’m back from my week+ in Hingham so I’ll fill you in with all the fun.

After a hot dog and some Friendly’s french fries on the road (there has to be some benefit to that long drive), we got to GiGi and Pop Pop’s a few Fridays ago. Before I knew it we were already on our favorite family walk through Cohasset. Along the way we made a pit stop at Sandy Beach, and after a few minutes there, I was ready to march on. Shelling is for sissies.


I’ll admit right up front that I’m a handful. I never stop. I am on the go 110% of the time. So thank goodness I’m the most adorable loving little guy ever.

You can always count on certain things to immediately make me the happiest person on earth: clocks, a ceiling fan, letters M and N, doggie, stairs, balloons, bananas, the number 9, dancing, moon, and most of all…

  My MaMa.

The week flew by quickly. Every time GiGi (Grammy’s new nick-name) and I wanted to do something we did a risk-to-reward analysis.  I did not want to get sick with winter germs floating around (plus Daddy would kill me) so we made sure each activity was well worth it.

It usually was and besides, who can stay in the house all the time? Not me, and not GiGi. And the weather outside was super nice to boot.

Some of the things I checked off my Hingham to-do list were:

a)  Took my first spin in a carriage at the grocery store
b)  Story time at the library (choosing my own books was


much more interesting than the boring story)
c)  Dinner out and a fun new toy from Barnes & Nobles with Pops
d)  Two play dates (Delaney and Grayson)
e)  Playtime-also-known-as-daycare at Black Rock GC


I also got a cool haircut at the local barber. Here’s before and after:


I wasn’t just luxuriating all day at Gigi and Pop Pop’s, nope, I had to earn my keep. I had to pick up the house, rake the yard, and vacuum and swiffer the floor. I loved doing it so I didn’t mind one bit. I also liked throwing the food I didn’t eat on the floor for the doggie. I bet she gained 10 pounds while I was there.



The week flew by and I even got my first taste of the one-and-only Brighams’ vanilla ice cream that I have heard incessantly about since the day I was born. Boy was it delish too; I couldn’t get enough.


Saturday Mommy, GiGi and I drove back home to NYC. It sure was good to be back in my own crib. Sammy thought so too.

Now it’s Dada’s turn to get home, and…

Mama and I can’t wait!

P.S.  A big thank you to my constant companions.. Summer and Pop Pop!




I’m packing up. Yep, leaving today and heading to Hingham for
the week.

I’m looking forward to a fun busy week. I’ve been  thinking about what we’ll do while I’m there.

Probably work on learning my letters and

read some good books.

I’m really excited. Going to Grammy and Pop’s house
means breaking all the rules.

I can’t wait and I’m ready for them.

Question is, are they ready for me?!!


I had the most fun Valentine’s Day! My Mommy is the best!

Whoa…back up. Okay, so when Mommy was young, Grammy used to have a treasure hunt for her and Auntie Hay on Valentine’s Day. They got 10 clues to find their gifts. Another perk was that while Grammy was setting up the hunt, Pops would take them out for ice cream.

Anyway, back to me (ahem, it is my blog you know). Please excuse this barrage of photos, but how could I resist showing off my cuteness on this sweet day?!

   The clues

Starting the hunt with my first clue…





  Going to the treasure



Hope you had a fun V-day too!

XOXO – U Be Mine!

Be My Valentine

Today is one of my favorite days … Valentine’s Day! I’m hoping
all of my favorite people – you know who you are 😉  – will
Be Mine today…and everyday!

This was me a year ago. I was such a baby.  Mommy dressed me in red cause I was her Valentine.


Not, ahem, grown up like the Big Boy I am now.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! XOXO

Weekend at Luke’s

More snow this weekend so it was a good time to hunker down with some good books.


Good timing too because Daddy is going on his expedition soon and he needed me to help him brush up on some birds.   

Macaws are my speciality so I taught him about those so he wouldn’t embarrass himself with the experts.

I got a little cabin fever tho and a little two-step dancing cured my blues. As you can see, I’m never down for long. Happy boy here.


But I do get mad sometimes. When Mommy wouldn’t take me out for a walk in the sleet, I put on my best pout-pout face.

Hope you had a good weekend too.