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Hats Off

I insist on wearing my hat backwards. Cool guy here.

Here’s a better angle. Lookin’ good, huh?

On the other hand, coats are for sissies. I tell Daddy that but he won’t listen.

But good day today no matter what I wear, Mommy is back in town and the team is back together!

Stick Around

I try to be a tough little guy.

But there was something that used to scare me to death.

You’re probably thinking it was the usual:
a. spiders b. thunder or c. heights?

Nope, I was terrified of stickers.

And just look at me now.

Double Header

Boy am I glad to be feeling better. No fun to be sick, especially when I had a demanding weekend on my hands. Yep, it was a twofer, we celebrated Mimi and PopPop’s anniversary and Auntie Hay’s birthday. Special weekends like this are the best.

So much fun but not all a bed of roses since I was sick for most of it. I missed the buffalo wings, the nachos, and the football game at the bar. Daddy was sweet to stay home and keep me company when they took off to dinner.

But you know me. I rallied when they came home and the party started. There was cake on the line after all.

I helped blow out the candles and sing Happy Birthday to Auntie Hay.

By Sunday my mojo was back and I was ready for brunch at the restaurant.

Question is, was the restaurant ready for me?


Gene Pool

I look just like Mommy. Everyone says so.

But did you know I behave just like her too?

I line all of my toys up in the tub just like Mommy. I mean, like Mommy did when she was my age, not like she does now.

Or does she hehe. I’ll never tell!

Picture Perfect

Hey there.  I don’t know how many birthday parties you’ve been to
that had a professional photographer but

I went to one a few weeks ago and it was pretty cool. I must be hanging with the right crowd.

Here are some pictures he took of me.

I told him to focus (hehe, good one!) on the birthday girl but he couldn’t keep his eyes, um, camera off of me. Maybe because I was front and center singing and banging the instruments the whole time?

Had to keep up my party boy reputation you know.

I wonder if he’s available July 21, 2018. Could be a nice touch.  Some karaoke too. Hopefully Old MacDonald is on the song list.

Apples to Apples

Auntie Hay suggested we go apple picking. I didn’t get why you would go to all of that work when you could just go buy them at Whole Foods.

I didn’t want to disappoint her so off we went. We hit a ton of traffic so what was fun about that? I could have been home watching some front loaders.

  Does this look fun?

But when the giant scarecrow greeted me, I saw what she meant. This could be interesting.

Right away Daddy and Auntie H got into the spirit of it.

Mommy did too.

There were so many apples, I didn’t know which ones to pick first. It was like being at an Easter egg apple hunt.




We picked a whole bag of juicy red apples and elected Mommy to carry them.


They had pumpkins too. Giant ones as big as me.


The best part of apple picking you ask? I’d say the fresh apple muffins we made the next day.

Nah, just joking. The best part was having such a special,
fun day together with my family.

Making memories, it’s the best feeling there is.

Bedtime Boycott

I’ve been busy this week.

You know, the usual… construction sites to supervise,

friends to cuddle,

playgrounds to enjoy,

and meditation to practice.

So much on my mind, it’s no wonder I’m staying up so late these days. Every night is party time.

Maybe that’s why the chardonnay is being poured earlier
than usual  😉

Philly Time

Let me tell you about my weekend in Philly.

Daddy and I wanted to look our best so  we headed for a fresh cut
before we went. Had to impress Mommy’s college friends you know.


While in Philly I got to do my favorite thing and if you know me you know that meant loving on some excavators.


Most of the time I was one with nature though.  Had sword fights and started fires with sticks.


I showed Axel how to use Daddy’s binoculars.


He played it cool and didn’t let on that I was looking through the wrong end of the lens.


I needed some quick energy after all that.  Lunch at my favorite Thai restaurant did the trick followed by a little girl time with my friend Ava.


Before I knew it, the weekend was over and it was time to head home.


Fun weekend and can’t wait for the next one. Apple and pumpkin picking with Mommy and Auntie Hay!