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The holidays have me crazed. Now I get why everyone is so
nuts during the month of December.

To de-stress and relax, I play with my trucks. I like to line them up. Every single one of them. If you know how many trucks I have then you’d know that line could stretch up to Schenectady.

Mommy and I decorated cookies.  She begged me to do it again the next day but I was too busy. Don’t worry, I was a nice guy and let her down easy.

We went Christmas tree shopping. I think I picked out a pretty one.
I made sure it was perfectly symmetrical like me.

I relaxed with some chocolate ice cream and a steam bath. Phew, I can already feel my stress level going down.

I need to get going on my shopping though.  I think I feel that stress level going right back up.

I’m Sorry

I’d like to apologize.

I don’t know what got into me the other day using such a naughty expletive in my post. I never talk like that, not a gentleman like myself.  I am so sorry and embarrassed.

  Punishing myself

To get myself back together after feeling so terrible about my behavior, I went back to my usual day of …

supervising the building nearby,

checking out the latest exhibit,

creating my latest masterpiece,

and just having an all-around good time.

Checking It Twice

I’m getting into the Christmas spirit big time. Ho ho ho! With my advent chain I have a better grip on the holiday and am now taking it very seriously.

I wanted to send my wish list to Santa Claus so I’d have a good chance of getting exactly what I want. None of those fun educational toys for me. Nope, I’ll take all the trucks, stuffed animals and play doh you have thank you very much.


Mommy and Auntie Hay needed a little Christmas spirit too so off we all went to The Plaza Hotel.


I thought I was prepared to see the big man in red. I loved him last year when I was a baby.

  Baby Luke in 2016

But I panicked when I saw him last weekend. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Helppppp!

Afterwards I had a little talk with myself. I know I have to get my sh** together if I want Santa Claus to be good to me. He has his list too and I need to make sure I’m on the nice, not naughty, one.

I know he’s watching me so hopefully he will see I’m a sweet little boy who is very helpful and good to others. There are second chances in life, right?

Lucky Me

Last week a package arrived. A package for me! It was from my cousin Susu and I couldn’t imagine what it could be. I was really excited to open it because she always gives the best gifts like a cool bathrobe with my monogram on it.

I opened it carefully cause it looked fragile.

First I spied a letter. I’m not quite there yet with reading so I asked Mommy to read it to me.

She said it was an advent chain! And that Susu had made it! How did she know I have been dying for one of those!

  Careful open

I studied it to admire the artistry (and make sure she had all 25 days and didn’t miss one hehe). It was perfect. So festive and pretty. Mommy was happy because this advent chain will help me count down the days to Christmas so I can stop asking her every five minutes how many more days until Santa comes.


We held it up to admire all of her work.


Then I took off my first link of the chain. #1.


We found the perfect place to hang it up on the wall.

Mommy then told me about the yummy treats that Susu’s mom used to send like fried pies and cocoons.

I’m hoping those are coming next!

Thanks again Susu!! I feel so loved!


Play Date

I had a playdate yesterday. I was so excited and couldn’t wait. My first time hosting.

You might remember my good buddy Francisco. He was my neighbor who lived a few doors down. With Cisco, the tears flowed easily and quickly so so I made it my mission to toughen him up.

Well, after seeing him yesterday I think I did my job a little too well.

Sweet, meek Francisco made himself right at home. He took over my car and

my construction gear.

But that’s ok. That’s what friends are for.



It was that time again. Time for a haircut.

Daddy and I went off to the barber. I go to the same one who cuts Daddy’s hair! Good quality bonding time.

I impressed myself at how brave I was.

Not only did I not cry, I liked it.

Looking quite debonair, even if I do say so myself.





Cyber Monday

I’ll admit, it wasn’t easy getting back into the swing yesterday. Mondays are never easy but this one after the holiday was extra tough.

To ease the entry back to real life we took a trip to the
Science Museum.


Not to brag, but I’m kind of a big deal there cause I am an official member now.

After saying hi to all of the dinosaurs I ventured to my favorite part of the museum. That would be the gift shop.


I found a new octopus friend I couldn’t live without. Hank, from the Dory story, has spurred my love for all things octopus. (btw did you know the correct plural is octopuses, not octopi…you’re welcome!)

I really really wanted to take him home. I told Mommy I was contributing to Cyber Monday, boosting the economy and all.

But being typical parents and doing what’s best for my own good, Daddy said he’d give me a different kind of boost…

one to see the entire view of Central Park.












I’m Thankful

Mommy, Mimi, and I hit the ground running once we arrived
in Hingham to celebrate Thanksgiving week.

We went to the store to stock up on the basics for TG dinner
before we

went to a fun place to get me tired for a nice long nap.


Pop Pop put me to work as usual vacuuming and clearing the fields.

I was thirsty afterwards so Mimi gave me some OJ out of my
favorite cup. #gators

Then finally it was Thanksgiving Day!

We hit the traditional football game and I was the only one actually watching the game. Everyone else was smiling at the camera.

  selfie not selfie

While we were waiting to eat turkey we had a Name the Puppy contest. Shhh, I think there’s a rumor that we, well Mimi and
Pop Pop, might be getting a new puppy.

I can’t tell you what name won, you’ll have to wait, but there were a lot of silly entries such as Kelly Taylor (from 90210) and sweet ones like Brighams (ice cream).

Turkey Time finally! We all gave our thanks and Pop Pop said a prayer and we all remembered our special girl Summer.

Mimi got me a festive bib but she forgot I’m 2 now and  I told her, “No Bib!”

  not a baby

Pop Pop made a fire so we figured, what the heck, let’s roast some marshmallows.

Auntie Hay won the prize for the biggest (er, most dangerous) one.

During the week whenever I could I would sneak up to see the animals in Auntie Hay’s room. I loved them so much.

I also loved to play with my trucks, color,

and watch TV.

But the most fun of all was The Tent. Oh, not to go in the tent. No. That was way too scary. But to look at the tent, put my trucks in the tent, and most of all, get everyone else to crawl through the tunnel and into the tent.


I wanted to go in the tent. I did. I just couldn’t get up the nerve. It was fun to look at everyone else in there though. Can you see Pop Pop?

But do you know what? When I got back home to NYC, guess what I did?

I went in the tunnel! Yup! I conquered my fear so now I don’t have
to go to therapy for tunnel fear. Phew! I was a little worried about that.

So, I’ll be back in Hingham in a few weeks for Christmas. MiMi
and Auntie Hay got a head start yesterday and made me some cool gingerbread houses.

I can’t wait to sneak a Skittle or two.











Sympathy Vote

I wasn’t feeling very well the other day. Which meant I got to do something I normally wouldn’t get to 😉

Such as finger painting.

I loved making a big fat mess. So much fun.

  monster arm

And even more fun cleaning me up. Coin toss for the duty.

Winner takes all.