My Girl

Yippee, I got to play with my girl Amelia yesterday!


We were so excited to see each other. It had been awhile.


Then as usual, being the older woman, Amelia took charge.

img_1974  help!

I guess I am hard to resist.


A guy can only take so much hugging. I was ready hit
the park.


Big guy,  I can slide down by myself now.


Amelia and I had a fun day, matching jackets and all.
Can’t wait for a repeat.


I don’t get the rave with Snapchat.

But here we are having some fun with it at brunch on Sunday.

img_1955  img_1953

Auntie Hay is good at it but it’s silly to me. I like the real us…minus my paci of course.

img_1954  ahh, much better

This was me at brunch.


If I look a little grumpy, well I was, and had good reason.
I was eating sweet potatoes while everyone else was eating



Allergies are no walk in the park. 🙁

Hay Day

This weekend we celebrated Auntie Hay’s birthday! I love birthdays!

Grammy and Pops drove down on Saturday to kick off the festivities. We taxied over to The Hill to watch the U. Tenn football game/Bama game. In NYC, colleges have designated bars to watch their teams on TVs and it was so fun. There was lots of orange, plus we got to belt out Rocky Top at the top of our lungs. I just wish the Vols could have won for Hayley’s birthday.

img_1939  img_1937

Then Mommy and Daddy took me home to stay with Gwen, my sitter, while everyone went to The Dutch for dinner. I was really mad about that.


Cake, ice cream, treats and presents followed at home but I slept through all of that. I always miss the good stuff.

img_1944 oops, mess up!

Sunday we all went to a birthday brunch at Upland and I got to wear my new sporty pants.  Wish I’d have taken a picture of those.

Then Grammy and Pops took off and it went back to being a plain ole Sunday.

img_1931 Just cause we’re so cute

Parks and Recreation

Hi Monday.  The weekend goes by so quickly. I was happily making a mess in my room on Saturday when Mommy called out and said we were going to the park. Yippee!

img_1891  We are?!

I love going to the Park. Lots of dogs to pet and crazy people to see.


img_1894 img_1898-2

img_1895    img_1896-3

So that was fun. Then I came home, and went back to playing and yep,  making a mess too.


Life is good.

Shark Tank

Daddy and I took a field trip to the Aquarium.


I could barely contain my excitement!


Best of all, I got to bring home a new friend!

img_1882 img_1883

Don’t worry, Sammy. You’re still my #1!


You know, make new friends, but keep the old;
One is silver, and the other gold.