April Showers

Hi…cool kid here!

I’ve been trying to not get down from all this cool weather.
I try my best to do things that make me happy.

A good construction site always cheers me up.

I’ve also been drawing a lot. Gotta love my gallery wall.

And then there’s good ole TV.

Now if I could just relax 😉

Weekend Fun

I was just thinking back on the weekend.

I didn’t think I had much on the docket except for Auntie Lile coming but it turned out to be really busy.

For starters, Mommy and I went shoe shopping on Saturday.


Getting new shoes was pretty cool but I didn’t know the best was yet to come

  a balloon!

What else did I do this past weekend?

Well, Auntie Lile came and we played. I told her I’d get her a
Red Sox hat so she’d be cool like me.

Sunday I went to my girl Amelia’s.

We had fun but as usual she was telling me what to do.

The Doc’s house was next and I played with his chickens,

and then it was Masters time!

  and better yet, lollipop time!

 PopPop would love me

Yep, it was a very fun weekend.

I’m already counting down the days till the next one.

Bun Bun 2

I’m making up for lost time.

It took me a long time to warm up to the Easter bunny but now I love him so much. He was really sweet to give me my new little bunny friend.

I squeeze my new soft bunny very tight.

and then realllly reallly tight.

  wait can he breathe?!

Just to be sure he knows I love him.

Before he gets thrown in the pile.

with the rest of my animal friends. Because
you know …

Sammy will always be my #1.




Hoppy Easter

It was almost Easter and I’d heard the Easter Bunny was coming. Last I saw him, he was in Hingham so I told Mommy we needed to high-bunny-tail it  to Hingham so we wouldn’t miss him.

  off we go

Daddy was off looking at birds so it was just Mommy and me.

The first thing I do when I’m in Hingham is go to the farm with PopPop. I like to check on my favorite cow Mojo.

And do I sneak a ride on the tractor? You bet I do.

Monday rolled around and I still hadn’t seen the bunny so we went to the Plaza to find him. I was still leery of him so I only waved from afar. But I did build a bear and eat pizza so the day was not a total loss.


I needed to get on good terms with the bunny since I dissed him at the mall. I decided to bake him some cupcakes.

It was finally warming up so Mimi took me to Holly Hill. I fed hay to the horses and saw lots of animals. Truth be told, I was bored stiff until it was snack time.

But don’t worry, the snap pea snack was 100% organic.

We needed to relax afterwards so went to the beach and rested in the beach chairs we made.

The best part  of the beach was digging and collecting rocks to
paint later.

PopPop came home and put me to work as usual.


But then we cuddled with Sammy so I wasn’t mad at him or anything.

The rest of the week I played, went to the NE Aquarium, and ate lots of ice cream and whipped cream.


Before I knew it, it was time for the big day. I dyed eggs for the bunny.


I wanted to make sure the bunny would bring me some good loot.

We went to a pancake breakfast and egg hunt and I finally made friends with the bunny. Maybe because I brought him a giant carrot from the farm he was extra nice and we shared lots of hugs and
high fives.

I must have made a good impression because …


wowza, look what I got!

The bunny left eggs in the yard too.


I don’t know if it that was nice of him though because it was a lot of hard work finding those things.



I hope you had a good Easter too!


First Day of Spring

Yesterday was the first day of spring. It wasn’t how I imagined it
to be. You know, daffodils, sunshine, and running barefoot.

We went to the playground. I was still wearing my winter jacket.

I had to hurry home to put my groceries away before the Rocky Road melted.

Then I figured I’d give the farm a run.

It’s what you do when it’s still cold out. Hopefully it warms up before July 4th.


Ides of March

I don’t know about you but this long month of March is really getting on my nerves.

  mad as heck

It seems like it’s never going to end. I try to keep busy and not dwell on my misery. After this long winter, what else is left for me to do?

Well… I like to make messes, um I mean paint masterpieces

take Mommy on luscious picnics

stir up my creative juices

and go on long walks with my Elmo slippers when the real cabin fever spikes.

Mommy hates the weather too. She acts out about it so I make her drop and give me 20. I tell her she has to have a good attitude.

I can’t believe there’s over a week to go until April.

Better start thinking of some new ideas to keep me busy.
But then does that mean April showers? please no.

Open Wide

Daddy told me to get dressed cause we were going on a surprise outing.

Yippee! I couldn’t wait to see where we were going!
Could it be for a hot fudge sundae, the zoo, the museum, the playground or maybe shopping for new spring clothes?

We started on our way. I was so excited! But wait, did Daddy just take me to… the dentist?! 

No way! I wasn’t happy.

But the good news is that all was good.

And a red lolly on the way home made it all worth it.

Marching Along

You have to make the most of these blah March days and do something really fun.

Like have a play date with Amelia.

So off I go.

We’re so silly together.


See what I mean?

Cozy Days

Geez, just when it seemed like winter was going away, we got hit with another big storm.

At first I was mad but then I realized the snow makes everything cozy. A good excuse to just hang out and chill.

So I hit Shake Shack and inhaled some french fries,

cuddled with my friends on the couch,


did my best Buddy Rich impression,

  ta dum

channeled my Picasso,


and played engineer with Thomas and Percy.

I’m kinda liking these cozy snow days. They suit me just fine.