Country Boy

Yesterday Mommy, Auntie Hay and I went shopping. Rug shopping, that is, for our new house. In the ‘burbs!

Yep, we’re moving!

We didn’t actually buy a house, we’re renting one to see how we like it. I’m so excited and can’t wait to get down and dirty in the yard with all of my trucks.

Back to the rugs though. I had to make sure we got a real soft one so I gave them the Luke test.



I didn’t stop there. Had to make sure the rug is comfy soft when I lie down and watch my beloved Daniel Tiger.

The floor was nice too 😉

Mommy was waiting for my decision on which one to buy but I told her I had to think about it.

So lots of big changes ahead of me….

as I move to the suburban jungle.

This is Us

You know how I said recently that some days are more action-packed than others?

Well, lately it’s been one big party of activity!

I’ve been canvassing the city.


Took a spin on the carousel,

played in the park, gobbled ice cream, and


went out for burgers with Mommy

I’m trying to act all cool guy about it so didn’t mention it first thing but guess  what?!!! I got to drive the excavator!! Yep, Mr. Big Deal.


I had to come down off my high so had some down time at home with my drums and trucks.

Strummed my ukulele and had a picnic


Then I got silly.

   real silly

before it was time to be tucked in

because I was tuckered out.



I love this shirt.  I want to wear it every minute of every day because I love stripes.

I was thinking about why I love stripes so much. Maybe it’s because of all the stripes in my life

when I was just a baby.

Good Hair Day

Like everyone I guess, some days are  better than others. Some days are kinda boring and I do the same old thing. But some days are action packed and lots of fun.

Yesterday was one of those days.

First, Daddy took me to my favorite barber to get my hair cut.

I wasn’t sure at first if I liked what he was doing. Was he taking too much off?

 looking doubtful

But then once he did his magic I was looking pretty cool.

Real cool if you want to know, I was feeling it.

I even got to go to the playground afterward. See what I mean? Lots of action and a busy day. I was happy.

Until it was time to leave. Then I wasn’t (happy).

But well, tomorrow is another day. I wonder what kind of day that will be.

Girl Power

I’m usually in control of every situation.

Whether I’m playing my guitar

inspecting equiment,

or tackling gymnastics class.

But when I’m around my girl – friends,

and one I really like…

I can be a little shy.

I wish I could be as cool as I am

when I’m with my animals.

Mommy’s Day

You only get one Mommy and I sure lucked out in that department, getting my Mommy to be mine.

She is the most special person in the world. She is definitely my one true love, and makes my world every day.

We have so much fun, enjoying so many things together like…

making gourmet pizza

going out to breakfast and getting muffins,


and playing with trucks.

I really flip for my Mommy

And Mommy must feel the same way if she lets me do this

  messy me

We make quite a team, my Mommy and me.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! xo

Birthday Hangover

I’ve been fighting a hangover from Mommy’s birthday.

The big balloons were a little scary so I tucked them away.

Then I tucked myself into my bucket.


I worked hard making a grid of my trucks and me

which was exhausting and

knocked me right out.