California Dreaming

Mommy whisked Daddy and me away this weekend for an early celebration of Daddy’s semi-milestone birthday.

We went to Carmel and Big Sur in California. Rumor has it there are lots of birds and snakes out there guaranteed to bring a big birthday smile to my Daddy’s face.

img_1753  on the tarmac

I had a great time at the hotel, every dangerous spot
was calling my name.

img_1782   img_1784

While Daddy was out looking for creatures, Mommy and I went to the beach, a short walking distance from our hotel. You can see the famed Pebble Beach golf course in the background.

img_1776  LHM

Birthday Boy Daddy.


On the drive up the coast to Big Sur, I had the most delicious coconut muffin! Yay, vacation treat! (foreshadowing here…hint)


We had good family QT (quality time) exploring all over the shore.


img_1799   Big Sur

img_1792  img_1759img_1786  M + D

BTW, while we were California dreamin’, Auntie Hay was at her soccer reunion at UT. How cool is this stadium?! Big day in the Prender family as it’s Tennessee – Florida Rivalry Day!


So anyway, back to that muffin. While we were at the airport waiting for our flight home, all of a sudden I threw up and became listless and 911 was called. Then hives popped out all over. There must have been egg in that muffin they told us was vegan. I got better then not so much, so off we went to the ER. They took good care of me and I’m feeling much better now, thank you very  much. We stayed overnight in the airport hotel and have been cleared to fly home later today. BTW I was impressed with my impeccable timing of getting sick before we boarded the plane, not after.

Glad I was there to bring a little excitement to the weekend. Much more interesting than all those critters.

A Walk in the Park

Mommy, Daddy, and I hit up Central Park on Saturday to enjoy the beautiful day.


img_1703  img_1698-2

We stopped by Bread to get my usual piece of sweet bread and Mommy’s iced latte.

img_1691  img_1692I’m a two-fisted eater.

Then on to the dog park for a nice chat with my friends.


And back home for my nap and lunch.


Sunday = football (yay Pats) and Auntie Hay came over to play.


Hope you had a good weekend too!


Mind My Manners

I always try to be a gentleman.


Ladies first. I’m very polite.

You know I was dying to grab it but restrained myself.
(and figures she took the drum stick I wanted)

Mommy and Daddy have taught me well.

Fashion Week

This week is the famed Fashion Week in NYC.  All the famous designers are strutting their stuff.

Mommy and I met up with Auntie Hay for fish tacos on Sunday.

img_1623  img_1620

And guess what? I got some new Vans!  So yay for twinning with Auntie Hay!

img_1632  img_1633

And now I’m strutting on Fashion Week too!

img_1625 img_1628

Calling Dolce & Gabanna.

The Boy on the Train

I love riding the train. So fun to look out and watch the world go by.


I guess this lady thought I was cute. She kept looking at me.


The train is fun too because Mommy brings treats to keep me busy and entertained.


I’ve learned, the more I fuss, the more treats I get.


Note to self.

Power Play

I love the nap time game.


Mommy thinks I’m tired (I’m not). Mommy thinks I will go right to sleep (I won’t).

img_1607  img_1612-2

I know she’s in the other room hoping (praying) I’ll go right to sleep.

Do I look tired to you?!


I’m busy in there too. I have to decide which paci to use. It’s not an easy decision.


I know if I keep squawking I’ll win and she’ll come get me.


Works like a charm every time.

Celebrity Sighting

One fun thing about living in NYC is seeing celebrities around town. Oftentimes they are filming a movie which is fun to watch.

The other day they were filming one right on my street.


People were gawking everywhere trying to find the celebrity.


It was easy, I was right in front of their eyes 😉

With Daddy and IceT too (whoever he is).