A Giant Step

Hey guess what?!

I took my first step today! All by myself!

IMG_1453  IMG_1455

One step and then another. And then one more.


I was amazed and so proud of myself,


Can’t wait, I’ll be running laps in no time.

Round Two

I was looking forward to going to East Hampton for some sun and fun this weekend to visit our friends visiting from England.

But then I got sick. Again.

IMG_1419  IMG_1416

You can see how awful I feel and how miserable I am.
Mommy and I were mad we couldn’t go.

IMG_1429  our twin scowls

I stayed home and hung out with Sammy Seal who made me feel better. Bun Bun helped too, before I got him sick and he had to be washed. Uh oh.

IMG_1433  IMG_1422


I’m on the mend now, so no get well presents are necessary.


Unless it would make you feel better, then send them
right over.

Busy Busy

A day in the life of me…

IMG_1400   I play in my toy box

IMG_1403  put my trains together

IMG_1409  watch the fountains

IMG_1406  listen to music

IMG_1413  practice walking

IMG_1410-2  cook dinner

IMG_1414  and go to sleep.

It’s not easy being one.

Olympic Gold

Saturday we went to the Jersey Shore to see my buddy Axel. If you’ll recall, our Mommys were bffs at college and due with us on the same day so that’s pretty cool. But, I came early which ahem, means I am the older bro.


The beach was fun but I got smart this time, playing in the sand instead of eating it.

IMG_1360  IMG_1365

The best part of the day was when we got home. Axel and I took off  – we didn’t want any parents around. You know how that is. We’re getting an early start on being cool.


We decided we’d better start practicing our routines for the
2036 Olympics.



We’re haven’t chosen our specialty yet, but we won’t compete against each other. Different body types 🙂  Axel might be a swimmer like his Dad, and I might play soccer like Auntie Hay or
golf like Pops.


Or maybe we’ll just relax and party like our Moms.


You might be thinking that all of these travels are tiring me out
but nope…


next weekend I’m off to the Hamptons!!

Picture Tour

When I was in Hingham, I enjoyed being carried around the house, at my bequest,  to study the pictures on the walls.


Grammy called it was my Picture Tour.

I’ve continued touring back at home. I look at one here…


and one there…


I keep going and going around the room


until I drive everyone completely nuts!

Never Can Say Goodbye

Hey, back home in the Big Apple! I hear they miss me in Hingham. It was nice of me to go and spice up their lives (and yep, tire them out too). Here we go with the rest of my week…


Friday after my breakfast of blueberries and Brown Cow yogurt,

IMG_1267  sporting a Bieber

we went to visit my new buddy Grayson, the nephew of one of my best friends from high school. We swam in his (grandmother’s) pool, and he was generous enough to share drinks of pool water with me.


IMG_1263  Detergent scoopers are the best!

I taught Grayson, who will be 2 in November, how to do The Turtle so he wouldn’t scrape his knees.  You can see he was really impressed.


That night I met up with Teddy Helming at HYC. His mom was a good friend of Mommy’s at business school.


I made the rounds earlier in the week too cause I played with Clark, the nephew of another one of Mommy’s best friends from high school. He’ll be 1 in November. We think it’s funny we’re called Clarkey Clark and Lukey Luke.


When we got home, Doggie and I played tug-of-war and


being the nice guy, I let her win of course.


Even though I have plenty of toys, I always like Doggie’s toy box better, probably cause there’s gotta be Iots of doggie germs in there.

IMG_5359  IMG_5355

Saturday was our traditional weekend walk in Cohasset, the next town over, where Pops grew up. They have the best bagels there…can you tell?!

11924232_1028397917191022_1781413881287534748_n  IMG_1289

We had lunch at the Bloomy Rind cheese shop in Hingham and cruised around. I never thought it would happen but guess what, I got my first lollipop! Amazing what a few tears will do.

IMG_1300  watermelon dum-dum

I was so busy that I didn’t want to nap that day, who knows what I might have missed. Mommy and Grammy were so thrilled to have my company all day that they pulled out one stop after another to get me to nap before our dinner reservation.

IMG_1304  water play on the deck

I wanted to go out to a nice dinner for my last night in Hingham. I had a cool new outfit I wanted to show off and hadn’t had a chance to wear it yet.

IMG_1312  IMG_1313

We had dinner at Black Rock CC. And that’s where I met Declan, who is only two months older than me. His Dad is 6’7″ (and a professional hockey player). He was like a man-child. Did I mention that he has 10 teeth and a full head of hair? To add insult to injury, he called me a baby! He seemed tough at first but in no time, I had him crawling on the floor chasing me. So much for the big shot.

After my morning walk around the ‘hood on Sunday, I took a quick drive in my car (had to go slow after my speeding ticket yesterday) while Mommy was packing up and then…


we were off!


I hope I can come back soon!

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem

Yesterday started out great. I went for my morning walk and then I took the car out for a spin.


I didn’t feel well the evening before but thought I was back to my happy self. I wasn’t. Mommy canceled her lunch meeting and Grammy canceled her plan to take me to the playground and walk downtown.

But we weren’t canceling our plan to ride the Carousel and get
clam chowdah. Nope, that was tops on our to-do list and we
weren’t budging.




FullSizeRender-4  my first ticket!

Sorry not sorry I wouldn’t smile for the camera but I was too busy checking out the beach. And doesn’t Mommy look like a model  here?! Woo hoo!


Swing time made me feel a little better. For a minute anyway.


So we got our chowdah and lobstah rolls and I had fun (um,
not sure actually, was this fun?!) waiting in this lobster-trap chair
for our eats.


I still wasn’t myself when we got home and because I had a decent fever, we went to the doctor. Just a virus of some sort he said, I’ll be back to happy Mister Luke in no time.


(Hope so, I need to eat some of that delicious sand at the beach this weekend.)

Curious Luke

In case you’ve been wondering,  here’s the 411 on what I’ve
been doing since my arrival in Hingham:

I start my day with a walk after breakfast.
I like to stop and look at the cat tails along the way,


and watch the swim team practice.


Then it’s nap time and afterwards, Doggie and I eat lunch.
She likes me a lot now cause I give her half of my food.

IMG_1118  IMG_1115

My favorite activity is taking a tour of the pictures in Grammy’s house. I could do this 100 times a day. Umm, actually, I do do this 100 times a day. We tour in the same order…first I look at the one on the right with the flowers, and then I turn and look at the one on the left with the oranges.

IMG_1173  IMG_1174

Then I look at the picture of Doggie that Daddy sketched.

IMG_1175-2   Every. Single. Time.

Grammy took me to this cool play room. There were so many toys


I wasn’t sure where to start. Actually, I was sure… I wanted to study the artwork on the wall like I do at Grammy’s.


Then I played with the toys and had a ball.


IMG_1134   Like my new shoes?

Today was special because I got to wear my new birthday outfit from
Aunt Janet. I looked so spiffy and it even had my name on it!

IMG_1163  Thank you Janet!

I had a blast driving my Ferrari, and honking the horn. Road hog!

IMG_1161 IMG_1160

Grammy and I like to hang outside. No matter how hard she tries to keep me on the grass, I just want to crawl on the rough pavement and in the mulch.

IMG_1165   Ouch!

I don’t scrape my knees though cause I do The Turtle.


IMG_1171  Be bop, do the turtle

It’s been busy so when Grammy needs a minute she captures me in my highchair. And no matter how many new fancy new toys I get,

IMG_1143  IMG_1148

I still like good ol’ measuring cups and spoons the best.